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Cartier Bracelets Can’t Be Authenticated, but These Alternatives Are Just as Good (and Affordable)

By Joseph Cheatham,


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TikTok may be crowd-pleasing for those who enjoy viral dances and remixes of Billboard’s Top 20 songs, but there’s another side of the popular app that can be very informative. Every now and then, we stumble on attention-grabbing videos, which drop gems on the unknown and sometimes—bring awareness to certain things in everyday life, including our monetary purchases.

For instance, did you know luxury jeweler and watchmaker Cartier will no longer authenticate their most sought-after piece of jewelry, the LOVE bracelets?

Muerta & Company, a San Francisco antique shop, touched on the subject in a video that’s amassed over two million views and 194,000 likes from Tik Tok users. In the clip, a man who runs the vintage store discusses how Cartier and anyone “in the secondary market” refuses to establish the iconic bracelets to be genuine.

“Most people will not even purchase them as authentic anymore unless you have the original receipt and you have paperwork. And you have evidence that you’re the original owner or you were gifted from the purchaser at Cartier—it is very difficult to prove these are real anymore.”

Depending on the color, the Love bracelet retails between $6,900-$7,500 USD. It has reached icon status as one of the most recognizable and coveted pieces of designer jewelry since its debut in 1969. What makes them so illustrious, you may wonder? According to Harper’s Bazaar, in the event of an emergency, New York hospitals used to keep mini Love screwdrivers on the wards if doctors needed to remove the bracelets from patients. The more you know.

But the question remains, whether or not the ones you come across are real or fake? Because quite frankly speaking—nowadays, it’s pretty damn hard to tell what’s what in the luxury goods industry. The close-fitting Love bracelet, created by Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo, has specific design traits which are seemingly easy to duplicate. From the oval shape and weight to the two rigid arcs and decorative screws visibly across the bracelet, it’s hard to spot the difference because the replicas are that identical.

However, we can tell you Cartier specializes in the finest, top-notch materials to be used for their jewelry, including real diamonds. Also, Love bracelets are exclusively made in 18k yellow, white, or pink gold, as well as 950 platinum.

Now sure, conducting preliminary research could help you avoid buying counterfeit jewelry, but who has time for all that? Or the money to waste and run the risk of still purchasing a fake? The men’s jewelry space has a plethora of bracelet options on the market that won’t break the bank, bear the same amount of style, if not more—and of course, can be proven to be authentic by the source themselves. Discover some of those ‘ just as good ‘ alternatives below.

MARNI White & Green Braided Bracelet

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$73.00 $170.00
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This Marni braided calfskin bracelet in white and green is super chic and can be paired with other wristwear to tie your outfit together. Made in Italy, the jewelry accessory has a logo-engraved lanyard clasp fastening and silver-tone hardware.

Miansai Annex Volt Link Bracelet

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Just about every piece of jewelry for men, including this link bracelet from Miansai is simplistic, stylish, and can go with anything in your closet. If you’re not looking for anything too loud and opt for something more sophisticated, we recommend checking out this minimal-yet-striking brand.

Le Gramme 2,5g Sterling Silver Cord Bracelet

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Le Gramme is conscious of their design approach to men’s jewelry, using recycled valuable materials from France. As for their bracelets, you have the choice for each one purchased to arrive in 925 silver, 750 yellow gold, 750 red gold, as well as in black ceramic.

Jaxxon Tennis Chain Bracelet

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Made to be worn for every occasion, this gold Tennis Bracelet serves classic luxury with a stunning simulated diamonds handset in a gold-bonded chain. And in case you didn’t know, Jaxxon is an up-and-coming LA-based jewelry label that produces quality pieces at an approachable price point—and our new go-to for popular designs.

A Sinner in Pearls pearl rhinestone spacer bead bracelet

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Who said pearls aren’t for guys? The way the industry has changed, where gender norms have been eradicated and what was considered for women is no longer. Men can express themselves through fashion and jewelry—whether it’s by wearing this pearl bracelet or sporting an ear cuff. Need inspo? Just look at Harry Styles.

Mejuri Round Box Chain ID Bracelet

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The Canada-based company’s lineup of accessories for men is solid and pretty good in price. From sleek styles of round chain ID bracelets to ultra-slim rectangular rings, which can be personalized with engravings, their options never compromise your comfort or wallet.

David Yurman Cable Cuff Bracelet

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You can never go wrong with David Yurman—one of the best American jewelers out there. Since the brand’s inception, cable has been its signature design, and it started out on bracelets. Not to mention, the Chinese turquoise is the perfect finishing touch on this exquisite cuff.

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