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George Clooney Stopped Jimmy Kimmel From Mocking His Old Freshman Photos: "Half Of My Face Is Paralyzed"

By Natasha Jokic,


George Clooney told Jimmy Kimmel that he had Bell's palsy as a teenager in a segment roasting his old teenage photos.

Bell's palsy is a condition that causes facial paralysis or weakness and is usually temporary. It's not something that George has spoken a ton about, but back in 2006 , he explained that his symptoms began with milk dribbling out of his mouth at lunch.
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The segment began with Jimmy reflecting on a previous appearance of guest Snoop Dogg on the show, saying, "Your book had come out and we showed a picture of you in high school. A very dapper young man."
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"George, we happen to have some pictures of you. This was, I think, a little before high school," Jimmy continued. George, in response, said, "I wanna point out that my mother cut my hair."

"Gee, you'd never guess that," Jimmy replied.

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Jimmy then pulled out a photo of George at 15, to whoops from the audience. "That's hot, right there," Snoop appeared to say.
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George then interjected, "Wait, I want to point out something, because you're going to laugh and make a joke. I have Bell's palsy there and half of my face is paralyzed."
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George then used his hands to cover the photo, adding, "it's a completely different face."
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"Yeah! So now make your joke! Make your funny joke, come on funny man! Come on, let me give you my sad face!" George then said while laughing. "You know what, I didn't have a joke George, and you've really brought everyone down," Jimmy responded.
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Jimmy then finished on an image of George in senior year, saying, "I mean, what a progression this is."
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You can watch the full clip here .

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