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4 High-Fiber Snacks That Can Support Your Metabolism: Chickpeas, Popcorn, And More

By Faith Geiger,


Fiber is an important component of any healthy diet. It helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, supports healthy digestion, and is especially vital when it comes to managing your weight. For these reasons and more, it’s crucial to make sure you’re fitting enough fiber into your daily diet if you want to shed a few pounds–and one of the best ways to do that is to regularly choose high-fiber snacks over processed, unhealthy options.

We checked in with Joanna Wen, certified health coach and founder of Spices & Greens to get the details on some of her favorite options and learn more about the role fiber can play in your weight loss journey. “Incorporating high-fiber snacks into your daily diet is an excellent way to boost metabolism and aid weight loss,” she says, citing roasted chickpeas, popcorn, nuts, and apples as some of the best choices. Learn more about these delicious and nutritious snacks below!


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1. Roasted chickpeas

If you’re craving something crunchy, roasted chickpeas are a great way to go. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also extremely healthy–especially when compared to processed options like potato chips. And they pack in the protein as well as the fiber, which means they’ll keep you fuller longer, so you can avoid overeating later on! “Roasted chickpeas are a great source of both protein and fiber,” Wen confirms.

2. Popcorn

But if you can’t get yourself to board the chickpea train, popcorn is another option Wen  recommends: “Popcorn contains a good amount of fiber, and when air-popped it is also low in calories,” she says. Just be sure to go easy on the toppings–too much butter is going to do more harm than good. Try a little bit of salt and olive oil instead.

3. Nuts

Nuts are a tried and true health snack that offer an incredible amount of nutrients to help boost your metabolism, including healthy fats, magnesium, vitamin B6, and more. This superfood is always a great choice to munch on between meals. “Nuts such as almonds or walnuts contain healthy fats and fiber which work together to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol while promoting the production of good cholesterol (HDL),” Wen explains. Additionally, they can reduce inflammation, lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and, of course, support healthy weight loss by providing long-lasting satiety. A handful makes a perfect snack!

4. Apples

You know what they say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Whether this statement is true or not, there’s no denying that apples are a great fruit to support weight loss. Wen explains that they have “natural antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation in the body for better metabolism of food.” Apples can also support heart health by lowering cholesterol, reduce oxidative stress, and even improve your gut health–which may be a major game-changer when it comes to weight loss. If you want to upgrade this snack, Wen offers some advice: “Pair them with nut butter to make them even more satisfying,” she suggests. Yum!

At the end of the day, the best way to boost your metabolism and lose weight is to ensure you’re consuming all the nutrients your body needs to stay energized and take on your daily workouts. And while fiber is just one important key to a balanced diet, these snacks are a great way to make sure you’re getting enough of it–and they’re always a better option than a bag of potato chips.

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