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You Might Believe In Premonitions After These 23 Freaky Stories About People Dreaming Wild Things Happening Just Before They Actually Did

By Hannah Marder,


Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about dreams they had that actually came true. Here are 23 of their most eerie examples, along with a few from this Reddit thread !
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1. "My mom worked with a woman that looked a lot like her. Whenever I visited (as a kid), I would always have to do a double take because they had so many similarities. I had this dream. For months straight. About this woman that looked like my mother, and she was walking down the stairs. Right before her final step, she trips, and knocks all of her teeth out. I was so spooked and didn't say anything. Fast-forward a month, and I come home from school for lunch, and my mom is home. Weird. She is sitting at the kitchen table, and she's really upset. I ask what was wrong, and she tells me that her co-worker, who looked like her, had fallen down the stairs the night before and passed away."


2. "When I was 12, I had a dream where I learned from a firefighter that I would have exactly two children, and they would be boy/girl twins. I told many people about this because I was absolutely, 100% certain it would be true. When we were just dating, I told my future wife about it to make sure she was okay with carrying and raising twins. My boy/girl twins graduated high school this year and are getting started in college."


3. "One night, my girlfriend woke me up at night. She was shivering and sweating at the same time. [She] looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'We need to get to papa's house. Now!' Lucky for us, I listened without giving it a thought, and we drove to her dad's house, still in our pajamas with no shoes on. We unlocked the door (she has a spare key as her dad lives alone) and saw her dad slouched over a chair. Turns out he had had a heart attack, and she dreamt him asking for her help. We got him to the hospital in time, thankfully."


4. "I had a dream (more vivid, realistic, and emotional than my usual dreams) that my sister got into a nasty car accident on the highway. I woke up as soon as the impact of the crash happened. I called my mom asking where she was because nobody was home. She said she was on her way to where my sister was because she had totaled her truck on the freeway. It was totally surreal."


5. "I had a very strange and vivid dream about people in panic. I was stuck and felt trapped. There was also a very bright light above my eyes during my dream, before I woke up confused and very uneasy. A week or so later, I was in a bad car accident. When I looked at the ceiling of the ambulance, it was the same bright and blinding light blurred by my watering eyes, and I was strapped down."


6. "I had a dream about the new girl at my school before she started. She moved from another state two days before school started, so I couldn’t have run into her beforehand. I recognized her and knew her name when we met. I even knew the class I would meet her in and where she would sit. All unfolded exactly as I dreamed it."

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7. "When my mom died, things did not look good financially. She’d been the primary breadwinner. I was essentially her housewife, taking care of the cooking, cleaning, shopping, pet care, holiday decorating and prep, yard care, etc., while working a part time job for fun money, and the less said about my dad, the better. One night, as I was falling asleep, losing my mind about how I was supposed to support this family while I looked for a job that would actually support us, I heard a voice say, '300,000.' That's it, just the number, nothing else. About a week later, we got the will and insurance policy and such straightened out. Mom's insurance was $300,000."


8. "My mother passed away when I was a baby. One night, I had a dream I was running away from a dark cloud chasing me, and I came upon my house. The pine tree in the yard was different, though. As soon as I touched the tree, it pulled me in, and I instantly knew the tree held the spirit of my mom. She protected me from the darkness. A few months after the dream, I was at my brother's wedding, and he showed me the dedication he set up for our mom. It was a pine tree, completely identical to the one from my dreams."


9. "I once had a dream that I was at a church. I could see the people around me dressed in black and shortly realized that I was in a funeral. I could also somehow tell that the person who died was young but didn’t know who it was and wasn’t a family member as the people I was seeing were only friends of mine. It was really upsetting, so as soon as I woke up, I texted a friend and told her what I saw. Three weeks later, one of my brother-in-law's best friends had a heart attack and died at only 30 years old. I went to his funeral, as I also knew him, and it turns out it was the exact same church I saw in my dream."


10. "I had a dream that someone was in the hospital. My friends and family were there, but I couldn't see who was in the hospital bed, and the feeling of it was just tragic. [I] told my best friend about it and forgot about it. Not terribly long after that, I was in a very bad car accident and spent months recovering. When I was back on my feet, one day she just burst into tears and said, 'It was you in the dream.'"

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11. "I had a dream one night that my grandfather was dying, and I was with him in his house. He was telling me that he had to go, but he was okay and that he wasn’t in pain anymore. I woke up and felt strangely comforted, checked the clock, and then went back to sleep. The next morning, I found out that he had died around the same time that I had waken up from the dream during the night."


12. "As a child, I had a nightmarish dream about running through a hall where I found a closet. When I opened the closet, I found a casket with my grandmother inside. Later the next night, we received a call that my grandmother had passed away."


13. "When I was around 19, I had the strangest dream that I had given birth, and while in the maternity ward, I picked up [the] baby who then spoke to me saying, ‘I’m not your baby, I’m your mom's.' Thinking this was a funny story, I phoned my mum to tell her about my freaky dream thinking she would equally find it funny. She seemed quiet and said, 'That is strange,' and then moved on with the conversation. I forgot all about the dream until about a week later — my mum phoned to say that she was in fact pregnant and was due very soon!"

"Turns out she had mistaken pregnancy symptoms for menopause (she was 40) and sort of ignored it until I told her about my dream. A week later, I had a beautiful wee sister!"


14. "When I was teenager, I had a dream where I was walking from the admin offices to my locker in the music wing of my high school via a walkway over the lobby to the gyms. I looked down and saw a bunch of students laying on top of each other in a pile (passed out or deceased, I’ll never know for sure) and started to panic. I ran to my locker, and teachers and staff (in gas masks) were directing everyone to leave because of a lethal gas leak. I couldn’t find any of my friends and was trying to get back into the school to get them, but then I woke up."

"The next day at school, the fire alarm went off, and everyone evacuated the building. Turns out there was a gas leak from one of the chemistry labs, and school was closed for the rest of the day."

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15. "In my early 20s, I had this wildly vivid dream about a regular customer at the grocery store I worked at. Like, so vivid I remarked about it to my boyfriend the next day. I kind of forgot about it until she came through my checkout line a few weeks later. I told her the dream: (I wasn’t like a character in the dream, but I was there observing.) She and her daughter (but it wasn’t her daughter, it was a friend of mine) were pulling up to their big house on a cul-de-sac. We passed a white pickup truck with the windows rolling up and down on their own. Sign #1 of creepiness. We parked in the garage, where there were stairs going up into the house, and I felt intensely scared for the daughter while going up the stairs. Once up in the kitchen, the cabinets were opening on their own, and it was clear there was a ghost in the house, and it was super scary. So, I just told her this dream, and her jaw just drops, and she says, 'You are psychic.'”

"Apparently, she lives in a big house, on a cul-de-sac, and her husband drives a white pickup truck. They have a garage where you have to go up steps into the kitchen. And she has a daughter figure; it’s her stepdaughter. I’m thinking, funny coincidence! Then, she tells me: Before she met her husband and stepdaughter, they’d been in a terrible car accident. The former wife/mom had driven the family off of some kind of bridge/overpass, and she was the only one who didn’t make it. They never knew why she did it. This lady said that the deceased wife/mom haunts them in that house, banging cabinets and windows and things, and that I somehow dreamed about it."


16. "My mom's youngest sister had a dream about me before I was born. It would have been easy to pass off as just a dream except she knew my exact birth weight and my birthday down to the hour, and she told my parents about it three weeks before I was born. She was right about all of it — my mom wasn't induced or anything, so there was no way to predict exactly when I'd be born."


17. "Years ago, when I was around 10, I remember having a dream where the ground split into two. I'm used to having very vivid dreams and thought nothing of it. The next day, however, California had a 6.4 earthquake near my home."

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18. "When I was 16, I had a dream that I had rolled my car in the rain. It was the most vivid dream I have had, and I knew exactly where it had happened as well. Later that day, I was driving to a friend's on the same road, not thinking anything about it because it was just a dream. It was raining off and on, and I ended up sliding into some mud, and it caused my car to spin and roll into the opposite ditch."


19. "I had a dream on a Sunday night that my grandfather moved away. We were all sad because it would be the last time we would see him. In my dream, we were all crying, but [in] a scene that stuck out, I was in a room with my cousin, dressed up, drinking coffee and eating cookies while she comforted me. The dream felt so real. I woke up Monday morning, and that dream was all I could think about. I talked to my parents about it, and they just said it was weird/interesting. Exactly one week later, on Monday, my mom calls the school to pick me up. Right away, I knew something was wrong. I sat down in the car, and they said my grandfather died. Heart attack. It was sudden. So, like my dream, my whole family was crying that we'd never see him again. Then, later on, during the funeral, I was in the funeral home in a lounge. ... It was the exact scene from the dream. I was sitting, drinking coffee and eating a cookie while crying. My cousin sat across from me trying to comfort me."


20. "I had a dream that I saw my deceased grandpa. While I was talking to him, my grandma appeared, and all of these random people started greeting her and making a big fuss. I didn't understand because why weren't they doing the same for him, and I looked at him, and he just smiled at me and told me to wait and that it was okay. A week later, my grandma passed very suddenly."


21. "When I was 9, I was on holiday with my parents and started getting these regular nightmares of a car accident and newspapers saying, 'Diana is dead.' As a child, I was convinced it was about my mum (who is called Diana) and told my parents that I was worried she was going to die in a car accident. This happened for the whole week we were on holiday and stopped the night we got home. That was also the night Princess Diana died in 1997."

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22. "Low-key sad, but I had this dream that I would acquire a very specific, rare blood disease. I read about the disease for a college project in 2018, and around that time, I had the dream that I was in an Uber and answered a call from my doctor who told me I had the disease. Six months later, I was called by my doctor while I was driving home from work — she called with my diagnosis of that exact disease."

"It explained health issues I'd been having for years — but what a wild coincidence it was, especially given how rare the disease is. I've been on infusion treatments for the disease ever since."


23. And finally... "I almost died in a car crash several years ago. It was raining, and I was hit by a wrong way driver. Prior to that, I would — at least a few times a year — have the same recurring dream of a car crash in the rain with someone from the opposite direction veering in front of me. Real life was not exactly like the vision I used to have, but very similar."

"I stopped having that dream once the accident happened. Then, it unfortunately switched to nightmares about the real one."


Have you ever had a dream or a prediction that actually came true? Let us know in the comments below!

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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