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WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne Heads to the Office in Teaser for New Super Bowl LVII Commercial

By Craig Garrett,

(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Heavy Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne undergoes an office nerd makeover in a new commercial set to air during Super Bowl LVII. The prince of darkness is decked out in a dorky button-up shirt complete with a tie in the hilarious ad for finance software company Workday. A teaser for the commercial was shared on Youtube.

In the clip, Ozzy portrays a new recruit among the worker drones who stands out from his colleagues. “Who’s the new guy,” one cubicle jockey asks. “I don’t know, but he’s supposed to be some kind of rock star,” a coworker answers.

Ozzy twirls in his chair, looking frighteningly serene with his many tattoos, various rings, long hair, and heavy eye shadow. “Which one of you wants a piercing?,” he inquires with a hint of charm. His colleague across from him motions towards their coworker. “On Sunday, February 12th, the corporate world will be rocked,” a caption reads as the clip concludes.

However, Ozzy Osbourne won’t be the only rocker in the full ad. As reported by Variety, this is the first-time Super Bowl ad for Workday. The one-minute spot in the third quarter will also flaunt cameos from Joan Jett and Gary Clark Jr.

The ad featuring Ozzy Osbourne may have cost up to $7 million to air on the Super Bowl

Hoping to make a lasting impression, top executives at the company have arranged for legendary rockers like Osbourne to draw attention toward workforce management during the game. Pete Schlampp, chief marketing officer of the firm has high hopes for the ad. He expects that viewers will be discussing “being a rock star” on Monday morning after seeing it all unfold.

If you’re considering a purchase of an ad berth with Fox’s pricing between $6 million and $7 million, it is not to be taken lightly. Every year there are newcomers who take risks on homemade concepts, small agencies, and gut instincts for their Super Bowl marketing. Though Workday does not fall into that category according to Schlampp. Instead, they have done the research needed in order to make solid decisions about which direction their advertising should go.

“This is something we’ve been budgeting for and thinking about for a while,” Schlampp said per Variety. “When there are economic slowdowns, we know that companies that invest in their brands get a great return on the other side. We feel confident about making this investment.”

Workday stands a chance of making an impact in the Super Bowl with its advertisements. After all, ads that discuss working life have been consistently successful in past events. CareerBuilder, the online job portal, made headlines over multiple years thanks to its ads featuring chimpanzees as office workers. Monster struck a nerve in 1999 with an advert featuring children chanting the same grievances expressed by disgruntled employees.

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