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Most recent Last Two Minute Report reveals another bad break for Chicago Bulls

By Stephen Beslic,


The latest Last Two Minute Report has revealed that the Chicago Bulls suffered yet another unlucky break in their game against the Indiana Pacers.

This season's Last Two Minute Reports have not been kind to the Chicago Bulls . In fact, they have been downright brutal, as incorrect or missed calls have denied the Bulls of several close victories. That trend continued as the Last Two Minute Report from the game against the Indiana Pacers pointed out a crucial gaffe in the final minute of the game.

Deebo denied a free-throw

According to the report, the incorrect no-call occurred with 1:13 remaining in the fourth. Chicago's star DeMar DeRozan drove hard to the rim and made a layup despite what appears to be a contact from Indiana's Aaron Nesmith. The referees did not blow their whistles, and play resumed with the Bulls up 108-107.

However, the report read that Nesmith indeed committed a foul on DeRozan during the play.

"Nesmith (IND) jumps from point A to point B and initiates contact with DeRozan (CHI), which alters his driving shot attempt."

That meant DeRozan should have been awarded a bonus free throw, which would have put Chicago up by two points and presumably changed the outcome of the game. The Bulls eventually lost, 116-110, to put their record at 22-25.

More to the loss than a no-call

Still, there's more to the loss than just the no-call.

You can point to any number of things—whether it was Zach LaVine's four turnovers in the last two minutes of the game, the seven offensive rebounds Indiana grabbed in the fourth quarter, or the 70 points the Pacers scored in the second half.

The loss prompted the Bulls to hold a meeting after the game to address several pressing matters. Although details of the meeting were not publicized, Bulls big man Nikola Vucevic said there was just a lot of frustration all around.

At this point in the season, the Bulls have to find ways to start winning games. With a 22-25 record and a few months remaining in the regular season, time is running out for Chicago to make a push for the playoffs. They need to quickly figure out how to turn their frustrations into success on the court if they want any chance at making it. Otherwise, this season could be over.

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