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Wife of rapist who switched genders before being sent to all-female prison brands transition ‘sham for easier life’

By Paul Sims,


THE estranged wife of a trans rapist sent to an all-female jail said yesterday: “It’s a sham for an easier life.”

Shonna Graham said gender-switch Isla Bryson never mentioned feeling he was in the wrong body.
Isla Bryson was sent to an all-female prison after switching genders
The rapist's estranged wife Shonna has branded the switch 'a sham for an easier life'

It comes as Bryson, 31, switched gender after appearing in the dock for raping two mums as Adam Graham.

Bryson was found guilty at Glasgow High Court and is awaiting sentence.

Shonna, 31, who wed the then Graham in 2016, said: “His gender transition is a sham for attention and an easier life in prison.

“When I saw the photos of him dressed as a woman in blonde wig and pink lycra leggings I fell out of bed laughing.”

Shonna, of Falkirk, Scotland, who wants a divorce after a short failed marriage, said her husband had been abusive, and locking Bryson up with women was “outrageous”.

She said: “He won’t stop. It’s in his nature.”

The decision to move Bryson heaped pressure on Scotland’s trans law shake-up.

The bill will allow anyone 16 or over to change gender without a doctor’s sign-off.

Critics fear it would see predators accessing female-only spaces.
Isla previously identified as Adam Graham
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