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17 Screenshots Of Clueless Parents Who Made A Decision That Was, Well...Not The Best

By Liz Richardson,


1. This dad who had no idea he bought flashlights with tasers:
u/Coffee_and_Jesus_ / Via

2. This mom who might just fall for a scam from "Elon Musk":
u/boainreno / Via

3. These parents who have an important announcement for their children:
u/lateredditho / Via

4. This mom who accidentally shared this controversial advice in the wrong Facebook group:
u/ughhhhh- / Via

5. This mom who chose this group name to break the news about grandpa:
u/PunkDuckling / Via

6. This mom who's literally charging for her daughter's play dates:
u/bedtime_besttime / Via

7. This dad who sent these cryptic messages using "AI":
u/biggiepants / Via

8. This mom's schedule for her three year old:
u/HRHChonkyChonkerson / Via

9. This dad who didn't actually mean to send a nice message:
u/McMilto3 / Via

10. This mom who's trying to get a huge deal:
u/Ill_Spirit_233 / Via

11. This dad's response after his wife won $20K (!!!) from the lottery:
u/drolrats / Via

12. This mom who didn't check the date on this school board's Facebook status:
u/pssyrat / Via

13. This dad who hides all his posts on Facebook — then doesn't know why his feed is empty:
u/KrisDUHH / Via

14. This mom who's trying to make up for this "mommy moment":
u/Justthisdudeyaknow / Via

15. This dad who meant to send this *very unnecessary* message to his friend but accidentally sent it to his child instead:
u/That_Weird_ / Via

16. This mom who wants a heavily discounted Audi with all these specs:
u/JW40 / Via

And finally...

17. This mom's reaction to not being on a MEMORIAL table at her child's wedding:
u/AnnaBananner82 / Via

H/T: r/OldPeopleFacebook , r/ParentingFails , r/InsaneParents , r/WrongNumber , and r/ChoosingBeggars .

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