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15 Screenshots Of Brides Acting Completely Out Of Line Simply Because They're Getting Married

By Shelby Heinrich,


As someone who's yet to get married, I often peruse subreddits like r/bridezillas and r/weddingshaming to remind myself that weddings, although just a single day, can bring out the WORST in people. Here are just a few screenshots to prove my point:

1. This bride who expects their guests to pay up, provide free labor, and adhere to a specific dress code:
u/serafis / Via

2. This bride who wants a completely silent ceremony...and reception:
u/therookling / Via

3. This bride who lied to her bridesmaid about expenses and then suggested they do a PAYMENT PLAN so she can be in the wedding:
u/mc4065 / Via

4. This newly unemployed bride who threw a fit because her fiancé doesn't want to get a second job to help pay for the wedding:
u/SifwalkerArtorias / Via

5. This bride who went on a very entitled tangent about bridesmaids picking their own ceremony dresses:
u/Specialist-Media-175 / Via

6. This bride who doesn't think anyone should be allowed to get engaged within months of their wedding date:
u/Indigo-au-naturale / Via

7. This bride who doesn't think anyone should be allowed to get engaged within the same YEAR as their wedding date:
u/charliebouncecloud / Via

8. This absolutely awful bride who wants to exclude a friend from her bridal party because of their body type:
u/dragonlover5672 / Via

9. This bride who apparently thinks getting engaged means a free manicure:
u/Delicious-Midnight11 / Via é_wants_someone_to_pay/

10. This bride genuinely screwed herself out of $15,000:
u/Comfortable-Iron6482 / Via
u/Comfortable-Iron6482 / Via

11. This bride wants to use her uncle's death as an opportunity to un-invite his widow from the wedding:
u/Serious_Specific_357 / Via

12. This "influencer" bride who tried to swindle photographers out of thousands of dollars worth of service in exchange for "exposure":
u/DownerW / Via

13. This bride who forced their dog to carry and birth a litter of puppies in order to help pay for the wedding:
u/ilikemountaingoats / Via

14. This bride who fired their makeup artist for not being married with children, and then had the gall to ask for the (non-refundable) deposit back:
u/keln061 / Via

15. And finally, this bride who's actively trying to stop their future step-child from attending their wedding:
u/Dapper-Letterhead630 / Via

H/T: r/bridezillas and r/weddingshaming

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