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Guess which governor could benefit from this AP course on African American studies? | Letters

The new Advanced Placement African American studies course, whose curricula is not yet public, is now being run as a pilot in 60 high schools nationwide. But Florida is banning the course. [ DREAMSTIME | Dreamstime ]

Someone could use this AP class

Gov. Ron DeSantis says that he does not see Black history as a separate history. I wonder how many other ethnic groups in the United States have experienced being kidnapped from their native lands, sold into slavery, counted as three-fifths of a person, suffered generations of Jim Crow laws and official segregation and untold years of discrimination. All “histories” do not appear to be equal. An Advanced Placement class in African American studies might enlighten him.

Bruce LeBaron, St. Petersburg

Agenda items

DeSantis: AP African American Studies pushes agenda | Jan. 24

Well, if anyone can recognize a political agenda, it’s Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Mary McAlister, Tampa

Where the money is

In response to former Gov. Jeb Bush’s column, I cannot help but point out that school choice and the need to send children to private schools would not be an issue if the state government properly funded all public schools. Schools that do not perform well are the ones that could benefit from more funding, and I believe that the voucher program proposed by Republicans is all part of their agenda to ruin public schools and place money into private schools at the taxpayers’ expense.

Zach Land, Thonotosassa

Certain unalienable rights

Harris leads rally for abortion rights | Jan. 23

Vice President Kamala Harris should remember that the Declaration of Independence lists certain unalienable rights, among them, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — not just “liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

John Bottomley, Lutz

Not just new teachers

Education plan introduced | Jan. 24

Once again, Gov. Ron DeSantis is gaining headlines for education funding. However the funds would again be used to increase beginning teacher pay and nothing to increase salaries for our experienced teachers. Meanwhile, salaries and funding for education continue to be among the lowest in the United States. At the same time he is continuing to restrict the ability of unions to represent Florida’s teachers. Restricting unions from deducting dues from paychecks is not OK. It is only being done with the goal of reducing union membership. With everything teachers are being asked to do, requiring them to manually pay their dues monthly would be another slap in the face.

Shelley Foster, Clearwater

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