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Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings loses his composure after a contestant gives a hilariously wrong response to clue

By Darian Lusk,


A CONTESTANT on Monday's Jeopardy! episode has made a well-intentioned but uproariously incorrect guess.

Fans even claimed host Ken Jennings "scoffed" at Anne Faircloth's response thinking college-aged runners have to shave their "legs."
The contestant buzzed in for this Jeopardy! clue under the category 'sides' Credit: ABC/Jeopardy!
Instead of 'sideburns,' she guessed former athlete Bruce Dern was required to shave 'his legs?' Credit: ABC/Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings threw up his hands and replied: 'No!' Credit: ABC/Jeopardy!

Reigning champ Troy Meyer faced Duncan Bowling, an ICU nurse manager from Washington, DC, and Anne, a farmer from Clinton, North Carolina.

Troy, a music executive from Tampa, Florida, won what was his third game with $98,000 total and is Jeopardy!'s ongoing champion.

The clue under the category "Sides" read: "In 1957 athlete & future actor Bruce Dern left the Penn track team rather than shave these."

Anne buzzed in and guessed "His legs?"

Ken, 48, replied: "No!" and a laughing Troy picked up the baton, correctly getting it as "sideburns" - since all responses had to fall under that theme.

Ken wasn't done running with the mistake, he added: "I don't know what Penn state thinks about running with unshaved legs.

"Maybe they're all for it," the host continued and he tossed up his hands at the contestants.


Game show fans had a (track and) field day with this one as one Twitter user wrote: "Ken Jennings scoffing at Anne’s shaved legs answer," with a skull emoji.

Another felt for Anne and wrote: "I thought it was legs too. Cyclists do it!"

Though a third argued: "Except the answer had to have 'side' in it... or is there something called a side-leg."

A fourth fan similarly wrote: "Hey, swimmers shave their legs. It’s not unreasonable to think runners might, too!"

Former champ Sam Kavanaugh buzzed in to commiserate: "One of my HS track teammates shaved his legs to see if it could give him an edge. It mostly just gave him pretty significant razor burn."

Another also related: "LOL! That was my answer too!"

One viewer accused Ken of being off-base in his clap-back: "He went to Penn!!! It’s right there in the clue!!! Not Penn State!!!"


Recently, a contestant buzzed in with a wrong guess that was simply one for the books.

The category was "Plurals That Don't End in S," and the clue read: "Moose."

Jack Weller responded, “What are meese?”

Ken was astounded and replied: "No!" with an audible laugh, chiding: "No, Jack!"

One fan tweeted: "Mf on Jeopardy just guessed the plural of moose is 'Meese.'"

Another penned: "y’all should really watch Jeopardy! cuz this guy just buzzed in to say the plural of Moose is Meese."

“WHAT ARE MEESE OMG,” a third person wrote. “Best wrong answer since ‘What is a hoe?'”


Co-host Mayim Bialik, 47, is expected to return to the game show in late February.

With her Call Me Kat schedule running longer than expected, Mayim will be commencing her hosting duties with a new teen tournament.

Fans will be getting more of Ken as he will be hosting the new Jeopardy! Masters spinoff, which is scheduled to air during the spring in primetime.

The six-champ special has invited Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, Sam Buttrey, Andrew He, Mattea Roach, and James Holzhauer to participate as contestants.

The 20-game, 10-episode special will see all of the players face each other in a round-robin with no one eliminated.
Troy Meyer won the episode after Ken Jennings took time to poke fun at Anne's wrong answer Credit: ABC/Jeopardy!
Perhaps more tragically, a contestant recently thought the plural of moose was 'Meese' Credit: ABC
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