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24 "I'm So Self-Centered And Oblivious" Screenshots That Are Pure Entitlement

By Christopher Hudspeth,


1. This person that thinks they deserve a ride or money for an Uber just because.
TheUnawareJersey / Via

2. This "business man" who wants someone to build him the next Netflix for $40.
SpiderFamm / Via

3. This person whose wedding invite comes with a lot of over-the-top conditions.
serafis / Via

4. This person who thinks their nanny is being dramatic for not wanting to discuss sick days immediately after a car accident.
DurantaPhant7 / Via

5. This person who must not be hearing how rude they sound over the headphones they "borrowed."
AliienBlood / Via

6. This person who felt too freaking entitled to the tip jar.
entomofile / Via

7. This person who is scoffing at a $1,000 government check while telling their friends and family to "step up to the plate" and give donations of $50 or more.
Rook1303 / Via

8. This person who rejected someone because they offered a coffee or drinks date instead of brunch or dinner.
PhD_Austax / Via

9. This person who seems to think "finders keepers" applies to people's pets.
DumbBitch19283746 / Via

10. This person who sent a scummy request on Venmo.
Badjib / Via

11. This person who was mad that Starbucks wouldn't break health policies for them.
redperson11 / Via

12. This person being a wee bit selfish about free grocery offerings.
haltingblueeyes / Via

13. This person seeking a photographer's time without pay.
Dustinj1991 / Via

14. This person who didn't tip and felt deserving of free drinks.
Febrile_Penis / Via

15. This person who wanted something in addition to a FREE dishwasher.
nashjoe / Via

16. This person that feels like they deserve access to someone else's car overnight.
iGuessImBad / Via

17. This customer who got greedy when someone tried to do a good deed.
[deleted] / Via

18. This person who only wants one type of flower.
euzjbzkzoz / Via

19. This person who felt they could increase their pizza size in the notes instead of paying for it.
harpuasam / Via

20. This person who thinks they should get a discount from the cleaner who used some of their tap water.
WaffleStomperGirl / Via

21. This person who really thinks they can get free food in exchange for a review.
Joseph_F_1 / Via

22. This representative from a potential employer who was supposed to setup an interview with a candidate, but missed the scheduled time, rescheduled for the next day, and missed it again, then became a victim.
TytoAlba15 / Via

23. This person claiming their name has "a lot of pull" in town, as if that warrants free stonework.
Decaopik / Via

Here's a closer look:
Decaopik / Via

24. And finally, this goof trying to get free artwork.
rightharness / Via
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