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17 Humiliating Messages Where People Got Rejected That Prove How Bleak Dating Is Today

By Ajani Bazile,


1. This person whose corny pickup line worked...kinda:
u/papixsupreme12 / Via

2. This person who has weirdly specific tastes in women:
u/NapoleonDezern / Via

3. This person who was way too mad about "carrying the conversation":
u/Efficient_Ad7890 / Via

4. This person who should crop their friend out of their dating profile pictures:
u/UrgentlyOrnery / Via

5. This person who got shut down but had the audacity to ask for the other person's friend's number:
u/Jastryx / Via

6. This person who was suffering bad from unrequited love:
u/NicholasCWL / Via

7. This person who thought they got ghosted:
u/EliteGreyIT / Via

8. This person who got rejected for a very strange and nitpicky reason:

i fucking hate it here

@fatfuck67 01:32 AM - 17 Jan 2023
Twitter: @fatfuck67

9. This person who got what they wished for:

thinking abt him

@C4NCERGIRL 10:07 PM - 11 Dec 2021

10. This person who got a shocking question from their Hinge match:

“you should download hinge”

@GeorgiaBridgers 11:40 PM - 16 Jan 2023

11. This person who matched with someone they'd met before:

so yeah I think it’s time to delete hinge

@adeelali204 09:02 PM - 10 Sep 2020
Twitter: @adeelali204

12. This person who sent a message to the wrong person and received much-needed advice:

I salute this cringe. from sadcringe

13. This person who messaged someone he'd already been rejected by before:

The woman was too stunned to speak

@StevenAvocado 12:07 AM - 07 Dec 2021

14. This person who lost a date after going too far:
u/Angoram / Via

15. This person who asked a suggestive question and did not get the answer they hoped for:
u/glitterbombdotcom / Via

16. This person who took a shot and missed:
u/A4LMA / Via

17. And lastly, this person whose pickup line flopped hard:
u/Isabemk / Via
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