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Kevin McCarthy named Speaker of the House

By The Mark Reardon ShowMark Reardon,


Jazz Shaw, a columnist with HotAir shares his latest pieces from the House Speaker battle to the Transgender person on death row with Mark Reardon.

“Some of the rules he agreed to concern me because one member being able to call for a vote to remove the speaker, doesn't mean he gets removed, but it does mean that somebody can shut down ongoing negotiations and progress for that because then you have to stop and go vote to make sure you still have a speaker, you know? So yeah, I think some of them were a bit unreasonable. Other ones, where they demanded to make sure committees were set up to investigate the weaponization of the Justice Department and other things those were important and but I think he was already willing to agree to those anyway,” said Shaw

He continued, “They've got a lot of work if they want to satisfy the demands of the Conservative base to do the things that were completely ignored and whitewashed under Democratic leadership, it's gonna take time. They got to set up the committees, they got to call witnesses, and they got a whole bunch of things they have to do. And if it just keeps getting shut down over procedural issues, I think the people that were making those demands are going to become very unpopular even with their own most conservative base.”

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