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I’m a dietitian and here’s the best diet for your body type – it’s key to weight loss

By Terri-Ann Williams,


AS we trudge through January, many people are looking for a new diet or fitness regime to sink their teeth into.

But one expert has said that the type of diet you should embark on actually depends on your body type.

Dietician Susie Burrell said following a plan that suits your body type can make a huge difference when it comes to your weight loss goals.

The first body type is an ectomorph, and this is usually someone with long limbs, with very little body fat and muscle, Susie, who is based in Australia said.

She explained that these people often find it hard to gain weight and muscle.

The guru said that for this group of people, small regular meals will be best.

These meals would include more carbohydrates such as pastas and rices and a higher proportion of healthy fats, like avocados.

Personal trainer and nutritionist Rachael Attard said that ectomorphs should take part in resistance training around three times a week.

"Since ectomorphs find it quite hard to gain muscle and they lose weight easily they should focus on heavy lifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and other resistance training workouts."

She said that cardio isn't needed unless you are trying to lose weight - and added that endomorphs should have one rest day a week, Rachael added,

Example meals and snacks for ectomorphs include:

  • eggs and avocado
  • fruit and yoghurt
  • brown rice and veggies
  • corn on the cob
  • salmon and veggie curry

The second body type is an endomorph, which is usually a curvier body type where excess body fat is more likely to be stored in the bottom half of the body, Susie told the Daily Mail.

People with this body type usually struggle with their weight, often fluctuating, Susie said.

In most cases this just means a slower metabolism, so Susie recommends a reduced carbohydrate diet in order to keep insulin levels controlled.

These body types should snack on items such a greek yoghurt with nuts or peanut butter and banana.

Rachael said that endomorphs should run more and should also power walk.

She said you should aim to power walk at least five times a week and added that you should also focus on lighter weights.

Example meals and snacks for endomorphs include:

  • bircher muesli
  • corn thins
  • peanut butter and banana
  • jacket potatoes and salad
  • greek yogurt with berries
  • salmon stir fry with cauliflower rice

The third body type is a mesomorph, with these people usually being athletic, strong and having a naturally lean body, Susie said.

For this body type, you should snack on nut bars and protein yoghurts, she said.

People with this body type are likely to maintain a smaller waist or hourglass figure compared to other body types, Susie said.

Rachael added that mesomorphs should stick to a regular cardio schedule and said weights should be monitored.

"If your goal is to lose weight, stick to body weight or lighter weight (higher rep) workouts.

"High-intensity cardio, such as running on a flat surface and at a steady pace, works best for fat loss. To challenge yourself, make one of your cardio days high intensity", she added.

Example meals and snacks for mesomorphs include:
  • vegetable omelettes
  • protein yoghurt
  • fish and roasted vegetables
  • nut bars
  • naked burritos

It's important that if you're embarking on a new diet plan, that you consult a health professional before doing so.

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