19 Times People Exhibited Gross, Greedy Behavior While Trying To Get Gifts Around The Holidays


'Tis the season for people to be unappreciative of the gifts they receive, or to try to get things discounted (or for free) in the name of Christmas. Below you'll find some of the worst displays of poor behavior around the holidays. Scroll down — you'll see!


1. This person trying to use their child to get a free Christmas lights display.
u/CrabCakesGiveMeGas / Via

2. This person who is trying to get a $5 Christmas discount using their "beautiful baby boy."
u/thekilgore / Via

3. This person who is asking people their children and give them gifts on Christmas.
u/TheFartingKing_56 / Via

4. This person who thinks Christmastime means art should be cheap.
u/Kateryna_Mazhuha / Via

5. This person commenting on a post about FREE Santa photos with a complaint.
u/Clean-Relationship59 / Via

6. This person trying to get a PS4 for their kid on a thread for people who have serious Christmas needs.
u/Togic996 / Via

7. This person who asked for a free Christmas tree, was given a free Christmas tree, and then took issue with its size.
u/Lacroix_boiii / Via

8. This person asking for a hefty Christmas discount for their son.
u/Terrifiedspork / Via

9. This person trying to score a piano for half off because it's nearly Christmas.
u/TheBestJamian / Via

10. This person complaining about a free feast.
u/SnooDucks9912 / Via

11. This person who went on a straight-up ungrateful rant.
u/smaj27 / Via

12. This person who threw a tantrum because someone wouldn't sell them an $800 drone for $100.
u/schmoogina / Via

13. This person who wanted custom-made art for the Christmas cost of zero dollars.
u/caboose2253 / Via

14. This couple who is seeking a free fridge (of specific color) and some other stuff at no cost and with free shipping.
u/Cayslayy / Via

15. This parent who had her kid asking his friends for 20 bucks each to buy some AirPods.
u/KetoMyLastHope / Via

16. This buyer who wanted some basketball tickets for FREE just because the seller had won them in a contest.
u/rubecantcubeitself / Via

17. This person who tried to do a good deed with their holiday party and encountered a selfish ghoul.
u/halfgodesshalfhell / Via

18. This person who asked their friend to return the gift they'd given them and buy a new one instead.
u/FuckOffYouPrick / Via

19. And finally, this person who was mean to their partner about a Christmas gift.
u/soum91fuckshadowban / Via

Ah, don't you just love some good old-fashioned greed? Happy holidays, folks!


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