Strep A news – live: Emergency department flooding with children as death toll climbs to 15

The Independent
The Independent

Emergency departments in NHS is observing a jump in young patients, as the death toll from invasive Strep A illness rose to 15.

The infection has hit the NHS during its busiest period time, with pharmacies struggling with localised shortages of antibiotics – leaving parents struggling to find medicine for their sick children.

NHS trust directors and doctors have warned of accidents and emergencies (A&Es) overflowing with children attending with winter viruses such as flu, RSV and now Strep A.

Group A strep bacteria can cause many different infections, ranging from minor illnesses to deadly diseases.

It comes as NHS England has sent a warning to healthcare leaders over the increased demand driven by Strep A concerns on Thursday with A&Es observing record delays as one-third of patients waited more than four hours to be seen, while NHS 111 services saw a spike in calls last weekend.

Experts have warned the NHS is “bursting at the seems” with staff demoralised at the standards of care.

Patients across England have faced record A&E delays as NHS performance against emergency targets slumps to a new low, new data shows.

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Those who quarantined, vaccinated and masked during COVID, have lowered their resistance to minor infection. Now, they will drop like flies.


That’s not something that normally kills- twenty years ago it wasn’t fun getting it but no one died from it. Very sus


Omg not strep I got sick a month ago and they tested me at one of those clinics they told me I had strep Covid and RSV and I had no fever I left after that went to Walgreens got NyQuil slept for a few days and was ok those tests are bull💩💩💩


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