Victims of quadruple murder linked to 2020 OKC shooting


KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. ( KFOR ) – New body cam footage shows what unfolded minutes after the gruesome quadruple murders at a Marijuana grow in Lacey. News 4 has learned two of the people who were shot are tied to a 2020 shooting in Oklahoma City.

“We’ve got one injured and four deceased. We’ve got a whole bunch more buildings to start clearing,” said a deputy searching the 10-acre Marijuana farm, just 10 miles from the town of Hennessey, after authorities responded to a hostage call. “Body, body, multiple bodies.”

Judge denies bond for man accused in quadruple homicide

OSBI Investigators say four Chinese Nationals were shot in a garage full of unprocessed weed. A man with multiple gunshots was also found. He can be heard moaning and groaning on the video. He was flown to OU health.

“Get a bird! Get a bird started!” yelled the deputy, calling for a medical helicopter.

For hours, deputies, OBN Drug Agents, and the OSBI searched the 10-acre grow, for the gunman. The videos showed officials searched the multiple buildings and rooms, but only found things like chemicals, marijuana plants, piles of trash, and farming equipment.

“Got some concrete culverts,” said the deputy.

However, they could not find the suspect on the property.

Two days later, the alleged gunman, Wu Chen , was arrested by US Marshals in Miami.

Investigators said Wu Chen, worked on the farm the year before. On November 20 th , 2022, demanded $300,000 in 30 minutes as a return on his investment. He allegedly shot four people and wounded Yi Fei Lin.

‘That license was obtained for that farm through fraud,’ Second arrest made in connection to quadruple execution on marijuana farm
Lin, Yifei
Chen, He Qiang

According to documents from the OBN, Yi Fei Lin was the 25% owner of the farm. Drug agents said the farm was operating illegally.

Oklahoma County court records reveal Yi Fei Lin and one of the murder victims, He Qiang Chen, were awaiting trial for a shooting in December of 2020.

Oklahoma City Police said on December 8, 2020, a group beat up Jintao Liu on Classen Blvd. Then, He Qiang Chen ordered Yi Fey Lin to shoot Jintao Lui in the leg.

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Liu’s wife told investigators this happened after the couple loaned He Qiang Chen money, then received “a plethora of threats” to their family. She called He Qiang Chen ‘the boss’ and said he and Liu were business partners.

According to documents from the OBN, the Lacey farm was linked to a “Lui & Chen Inc.” News 4 was unable to confirm if the He Qiang Chen and Lui are of Lui & Chen Inc.

Online court records show He Qiang Chen bonded out of jail for the shooting while waiting for an interpreter for the trial.

The documents also show investigators raided their Edmond home in January of 2021 and found 27 pounds of marijuana, ketamine, and $95,000 in cash.

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Medical marijuana is uncontrolled, yet you want to have recreational marijuana in the state? The Mexican Cartels, Chinese and Russian mobs will control the market, we will see more murders.


The state could control it, they turned a blind eye to the hundreds of out of state operated grows. Residency requirements are a joke obviously when no one can understand English on the premises


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