22 Tinder And Bumble Interactions That Prove Dating In 2022 Is An Uphill Battle


1. This super interesting person.

The initial chat shouldn't be this hard! from Tinder

2. This person who fumbled their chances by making a chill introduction creepy.
Toneloke00 / Via

3. This person was having a bad day, so they hit up the guy they'd been talking to on Tinder and got this response.
RhiRhi12120 / Via

4. This person who took a harmless name pun and clapped back with hostility regarding someone's height.

I’m 5’11, obviously didn’t like my joke.. from Tinder

5. This person who blew it because they freaked their date out by telling them to "prove" their excitement.

She cancelled our date because I said this? Was i out of line here? from Tinder

6. This person who couldn't wait for tomorrow.

I said TOMORROW NIGHT. But now it’s just not happening. from Tinder

7. This person who is all over the place conversation-wise, even talking about their other dates.

I'm generally curious and would love a guy's perspective. Is this a thing? I don't really care about your other dates lol from Tinder

8. This person quickly concluding that someone's personality isn't compatible based on their Myers-Briggs type.

the test results are in and the stars aren’t aligned from Tinder

9. This person interacting with a geography whiz.

i can’t do this anymore from Tinder

10. This person whose About Me is...a whole lot.

Maybe I’m done with tinder… from Tinder

11. This person who opened by telling someone that they're boring until they make an effort to show otherwise.

Is this a red flag or am I being OTT here? from Tinder

12. This convo that died quickly because of astrology.

More astrology break ups. 🤩 from Tinder

13. This person who may have slightly overreacted to a harmless joke.

All her prompts were about Taylor swift. This is the response I got lol from Tinder

14. This person who doesn't want to give out their number and this person who is sketched out by someone not wanting to give their number coming head-to-head.

Is it weird that I don't feel comfortable giving my number out? from Tinder

15. This person who seems a little judgmental about Dungeons & Dragons .

First talked about how her grandpa passed away, then hits me with this because I have D&D in my bio. wtf am I supposed to say to this. from Tinder

16. This person casually slipping in a mention of the sex they had.

I appreciate the honesty… but why? from Tinder

17. This person's aggressive opening line.

Yes, but he’ll never find that out from Tinder

18. This person who is maybe being a little over-protective about a dog's name.
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19. This person who is bringing next to nothing to the conversation.

Really? from Tinder

20. This person who began things with a 3 a.m. "morning" text and then got sassy about the lack of response.

He texted me good morning at 3 am from Tinder

21. This person who waited months to respond to a message, only to come with hostility, and receive hostility back.
FineImagination2079 / Via

22. And finally, these people whose professions led to one of them unmatching the other.
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