The Best Food Box Packaging Ideas to Make Your Products Stand Out


The food businesses need bundles of custom boxes daily. That’s why we help you to buy the bulk of custom food boxes wholesale at business-friendly rates. So, you can quickly complete your daily sales target within time. And it’s the end of 2022; boost your Christmas sale by buying custom food boxes at the end-season sale. Even sale is on other packaging solutions, but with less durability and cheap quality. Buy the best for your business with Customboxespk.

Custom food boxes material guidelines:

You can use kraft and cardboard material for custom food boxes. Both are environmentally safe and can be decomposed and recycled. Compared to other product packaging, we follow particular food item packaging criteria. We use non-toxic food-grade material food custom boxes, which are safe for consumption and contact with the food items. We also have White Kraft material in options too. 

Lamination guidelines for food items packaging. 

We prefer gloss lamination for food items and cardboard boxes because it has moist-resistant properties. It is applied in the plastic film form on the box surface and gives a shiny glare with a smooth surface. The cardboard boxes with gloss lamination can’t be recycled or decomposed. It can be recycled with a water-based aqueous coating. It is environmentally friendly and can easily be scratched on the box surface. However, the kraft and alabaster boxes are lamination free and recyclable.

Different designing for different food items boxes:
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Box styling guidelines for custom food box packaging:

We allow you to choose any box style for food items packaging. We personalize the box with accurate size and according to the weight and quantity of the product. But the frosty or marinated food items like cupcakes and cookies can’t be kept directly in the box. Otherwise, the marination can be destroyed due to immobile movement during transportation. To prevent such happening, we suggest you keep custom cardboard inserts that keep the food items in position. 

Moreover, juicy oily food items like burgers and cookies can make the box surface greasy. You can stay flexible with custom butter wraps to protect the surface from getting greasy. And cover the burger adequately so the juices and sauces don’t spill out. It is made up of pure material and doesn’t stick, and is removed easily without breaking.

Enchanting add-ons options for luxurious gift food boxes:

Food items like cookies, brownies, candies, etc., are gifted on special occasions and Christmas. And Christmas is not so far that you can use our alluring add-ons to give luxurious packaging to food for custom boxes. Do inside printing and tie up the box with colorful ribbons.  You can also use colorful strips and ropes to tie up the box. And customize magnetic closure to give a luxurious touch to the opening. Write brand name and logo with sparkling stamp foiling available in all shades. The foiling provides the brand with logos and images with a gleaming and attractive shine. More craft colorful ribbons and flowers or bows to decorate the box surface. Place the custom card in the inner lid and write a special note with a goldish stamp foiling. Make ribbon or strip handles to make it easy to carry pleasingly.


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