Mascot breaks rim with thunderous halftime dunk, CBB world reacts

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The Comeback

The Wisconsin Badgers took on the Maryland Terrapins in college basketball on Tuesday night, but the action between the two teams was paused briefly after a hilarious moment involving the Milwaukee Bucks ‘ mascot named “Bango”.

The game took place at the Kohl Center in Madison, WI, and Bango took part in a special halftime show where he was asked to do a dunk off a trampoline.

It went exactly to plan, except for the fact that the dunk was so powerful that it significantly bent the rim.

Perhaps an even better moment occurred after the dunk, where Bucko acted out the classic “Jordan shrug” after the incident.

This is certainly one of the best mascot moments in recent college basketball memory, and many laughed about the situation on social media.

The incident caused halftime to be delayed, but it certainly seems like the entertainment from the dunk was worth it for most fans.

Luckily they were able to replace the rim in a timely manner and finish out the game, with Wisconsin coming away with a 64-59 victory .

The whole situation was certainly wild considering college players dunk all the time in games, but this dunk from a mascot happened to break the rim.

While some college basketball fans may have seen this incident as an inconvenience for the delay in the action, most see this as a hilarious moment that is extremely uncommon coming from a mascot.

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