A Starbucks Employee Tells Us The Life-Changing Hack For Getting Lattes For ‘Free’


If you’re a sucker for a Starbucks latte, it’s time to listen up: One TikTok user who goes by @lyellgirl just shared a life-changing hack that can save you so many stars on the Starbucks app. It’s all about making one small change when you go to order—and we’re going to bet you’ll never go back to the old way after trying it out.

Starbucks latte ordering hack: order a Caffè Misto

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“I think it’s time I stop gatekeeping this,” Lyell says at the beginning of her video, telling viewers that she’s about to share “the Starbucks hack.” And we’re so glad she did! In fact, this is such a little-known trick that she says the barista told her she’s never seen anyone use it before. Let’s hope we can all keep getting away with it! Anyway, here’s how it’s done:

Next time you’re craving a latte and go to order on the Starbucks app, don’t click that latte button. Instead, you can choose a Caffè Misto from the “hot coffee” section. This drink consists of half coffee and half steamed milk. Although this isn’t the same as a traditional latte, it’ll still get the job done and taste similar; Lyell says she even adds two shots of espresso to give it more of a coffee flavor (and make it closer the real deal).

From there, you can start loading in the flavors and toppings you want. “You can add literally anything you want,” Lyell raves. And it’s true! You can even spruce it up with the right ingredients to make your favorite seasonal latte at a fraction of the stars.

Lyell’s total in the video, which includes 2 pumps of Chestnut Praline syrup, comes out at $7.72—but it’s only 50 stars on the app. “You just got that for free,” Lyell exclaims. Typically, a latte would cost you 150 stars, but this drink just counts as a hot coffee. What a steal!!

“Just don’t let corporate find out,” she captioned the video. Shhhh! We’re trying it ASAP.

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