“They were both awesome in their way for our team” — Ex-Sacramento Kings center Scot Pollard compares Mike Bibby and Jason Williams

Former Sacramento Kings center Scot Pollard was asked to appoint the better point guard between Jason Williams and Mike Bibby.

Mike Bibby and Jason Williams

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When the Sacramento Kings drafted Jason Williams in 1998, he brought streetball into Sac-Town, and fans quickly adored his flashy playground plays. In 2001, Mike Bibby replaced “White Chocolate” and helped build one of the coolest NBA teams ever assembled.

All told, both Bibby and Williams left their mark on the team, so it’s understandable if the Kings faithful couldn’t put one over the other. In fact, even a former teammate of the two, Scot Pollard, found it hard to pick one.

Different styles

If you are an And1-like playground basketball junkie, you’d definitely root for Williams. But if you admire small but tough guys, who could take a devastating elbow from Kobe Bryant, then you’d probably go for Bibby. Like most of us, Pollard also knew the difference between the two.

Jason Williams was a magician with the basketball. The things that people saw in games were about 8 out of 10. In practice, when there was no referees, we would see the 10 out of 10 Jason Williams. Sometimes it was a carry, or sometimes it was a double dribble or a travelling or whatever because he was just pushing the limits in practice so that in games he could tone it down a little bit and still do so many amazing things with the basketball, ” Pollard told KJhoops in 2018.

He continued, “ And then Mike Bibby was the right point guard because he hit big shots for us when other players couldn’t or didn’t. Mike wasn’t scared to take that big shot and he hit them a lot of times.

But who did it better?

To make this even harder, let’s delve into the impact of Williams and Bibby on the Kings. As we can all remember, “White Chocolate” made all four of his teammates on the floor better whenever he was in charge. Through his fancy playmaking, even the Kings’ reserves had their fair share of highlights.

On the other hand, Bib had that killer instinct, and he always delivered when the team needed someone to step up.

Well aware of all that, Pollard opted not to pick a better player between the two backcourts. Not because he didn’t want to be biased but because he just appreciates both.

They were both amazing teammates in different ways… Jason got us to the playoffs and Mike Bibby when he got there, took us deeper in the playoffs and was the right point guard. So, they were both amazing point guards, I am not going to say which one was better because they were both awesome in their way for our team, ” Pollard concluded.

Don’t worry, Scot. We feel for you.

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