Gavin McInnes Interviews Kanye in New Show to Talk Rapper ‘Off the Ledge’

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Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has interviewed controversial rapper Kanye West, launching a series where he claims to be on a mission to save Ye from becoming an antisemite. A trailer for the series, Saving Ye , which was released Monday night and promotes a “raw” and “honest” conversation with the rapper, says McInnes flew to LA two days after Ye’s comments on Alex Jones’ conspiracy program, InfoWars, that he admired Hitler . McInnes made the trip “to talk him off the ledge,” the promo states. Ye appears with his face entirely covered in a black hood, alongside white nationalist Nick Fuentes . In a sneak peek of the first episode, McInnes claims Jews are not the problem, but in fact “liberal elites of all races” including Kamala Harris and Barack Obama; the latter who “started this whole mess, we weren’t really into racism before this whole thing came along,” McInnes claims. He says Ye is simply in a “rut” and his antisemitic attitude is a “dead end” and “intellectual ditch.” In the 5-minute preview, West says his antisemitic views are “awesome for a presidential campaign” and claims Hitler’s reputation was “made by Jewish people.” He then claimed abortion was the current “holocaust that we’re dealing with now.”

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Sassafras T☕️

Can any of these folks seem to help him off social media or podcasts? I mean just sit with him talking without anyone else knowing about it? 🤔


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