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Row Jimmy

Need more people to do this. Can’t rely on this administration to do anything for anyone other than the criminal. I wish this business nothing but safety and success. More people will use his station more than others because of the protection. How sad it is that it’s come to this. It’s so bad though that the security needs security. Need some sharpshooters on rooftops. Pluck these suckers as they’re fleeing the scenes.

Wayne Clement

Third World Country. Allowed to happen. Criminals outweigh the good in Philly. Collect government check a little side hustle no taxes to pay. Reform is not in the agenda. Change will not be voted in. Sorry good citizens. Gonna take more than social workers to fix this one. Live 20 minutes from city hall. Would love to take my family downtown for the holidays. Just not safe enough. Other places much safer and you don’t have to walk around on high alert. Sad. Fantastic City allowed to rot.

Lamont Ellis

we need more security like that in all places of the city of Philadelphia armed security I will feel 100% safe the crime in Philadelphia is crazy Philadelphia police can't be everywhere but there on the job everybody have a blessed day


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