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Tami Sigman

Ok. . . now what??!! These boneheads have proven that they could care less about starving living animals to death that are in an enclosure and completely dependant on these soulless excuse for humans for their survival. Having proved to the rangers that they have no intention of providing food and water EVERYDAY what move are the rangers doing to provide for the deer? And by the way Mrs is JUST as guilty as her husband. How do you sit in your house and feed your face when you only have to look outside to see what slow death looks like. . . . throw the book at BOTH of them

The Storm

I have no problem with hunting and making a humane Kill. In my opinion more people should know how to fend for themselves if they ever need to. Starving an animal on purpose is on a whole new level though.

Charlie Laura Dabkowski Tisron

I don't know what the hell is going on. this article did not give enough information. a horrible crime was committed no doubt of that. But why did these people have the dee, why were the deer penned up. were they raising them for meat? I thought that was illegal? it's why you don't see a lot of mich. restaurants with venison on the menu. were they supposed to be pets? deer are wild animals. not some kind of herd animal. all these dimwits had to do was set them free to graze on their own, most of them would have survived.


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