This Week's Ep Of "The White Lotus" Had Me SCREAMING, And Here Are 34 Tweets To Tell You Why


Another episode of The White Lotus blessed our screens last night, and baby, it did not disappoint!

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Here's what The People™ are saying:

1. Some fans need everyone to realize that this is EVENT TELEVISION!!!

i need to watch white lotus tonight in a sports bar setting i want us all screaming at tv's w aperol spritzes in hand

@lydia_meredith 10:00 PM - 04 Dec 2022


Straight people sit around and wait for a football game on Sunday gay people sit around and wait for a new episode of the white lotus

@heyjaeee 01:38 AM - 05 Dec 2022

3. And just because we're all obsessed with the show, doesn't mean we have everyone's names memorized.

no one knows all the characters names on white lotus, they’re simply:aubrey plazaaubrey plazas husband theo jamesdaphnegrandpa dadincel sonblondie jennifer coolidgethe managermy girls (or the hookers)british guy

@rachmalexander 11:46 PM - 28 Nov 2022

4. The amount of male nudity in this program has not gone unnoticed (or unappreciated!).

Mike White directing each episode of The White Lotus

@n__c__l 03:44 AM - 05 Dec 2022

5. Lucia and Mia remain many people's fave part of the show.

@oocwhitelotus 04:08 AM - 05 Dec 2022

6. While others still can't get over Harper/Aubrey Plaza (AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM?!).

the most unrealistic part of the white lotus season 2 is harper having to beg for ethan to have sex with her when aubrey plaza is going around looking like this

@noradominick 03:25 AM - 05 Dec 2022

7. Her and Ethan's storyline really ramped up this week.

#WhiteLotus the face when you successfully gaslight your husband right back. He tells you you’re being unreasonable with a mountain of evidence, so you fuck with his mind carefully leaving no evidence.

@Sureasyoureborn 05:25 AM - 05 Dec 2022


This!!! This is what I was thinking the entire episode. Ethan gets a hint of something with zero proof and he’s losing his fucking mind. Meanwhile, he expects Harper to just take his word and be cool and move on. 🙄 #WhiteLotus

@sunshineneverla 03:12 AM - 05 Dec 2022


This angry, sexually frustrated toast bite was absolute *chef’s kiss* 🤌 #WhiteLotus

@AnOpinionMinion 02:35 AM - 05 Dec 2022

10. But Daphne continues to live in her own little world, and frankly, I'm jealous.

I hope Daphne had a wonderful massage while everyone else’s lives imploded.

@evanrosskatz 04:23 AM - 05 Dec 2022


Now I know why Daphne is the only one alive at the end of the season—Ms Girl just be live, laugh and loving thru all the chaos. #whitelotus

@ReytheBison 03:38 AM - 05 Dec 2022


the way Daphne takes the aspirin in this scene is a masterclass of body language in acting #WhiteLotus

@justinsparked 04:41 AM - 05 Dec 2022

13. The Di Grasso's story seemed to reach a thesis statement.

The question of this season #WhiteLotus

@LizzyLaurie 03:03 AM - 05 Dec 2022


kinda interesting how the Di Grasso ancestors were 3 women who are untrusting of men, implying all the men before these 3 generations also didn't treat their wives/sisters properly and it's an endless cycle #WhiteLotus

@swiftlydunphy 04:10 AM - 05 Dec 2022

15. And gave us this absolute GEM of a character.


@EmmaTolkin 03:42 AM - 05 Dec 2022

16. And Portia's fashións continue to be one of the most talked about parts of our little hotel show.

portia gave us one cute outfit, now she’s back to dressing like a polly pocket doll who lost half her luggage 😭 #WhiteLotus

@slimmerella_ 03:18 AM - 05 Dec 2022


Portia… honey… you have gone full Lizzie McGuire. #WhiteLotus

@EmmaTolkin 12:27 PM - 05 Dec 2022



@meredithasbury 03:29 AM - 05 Dec 2022

19. But her storyline with the "nephew" has started to overshadow even her most wild looks.

Season 2 of White Lotus would be so different if Portia had watched Love Island and knew to stay away from men from Essex

@Abbykl1 03:31 AM - 05 Dec 2022

20. Including the drunken confession she got out of Jack last night.

“what kind of hole” #whitelotus

@HelloAva 03:28 AM - 05 Dec 2022


“what do you mean, what kind of hole?”“fucking deep hole” #TheWhiteLotus #WhiteLotus

@neroandsporus 04:02 AM - 05 Dec 2022


Portia… sis all I’m saying is there are SIGNS. Go find Albie. 😭#WhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotus

@JoshMcVa 02:24 AM - 05 Dec 2022


Portia next episode, probably #WhiteLotus

@asiatjohnson 03:06 AM - 05 Dec 2022

24. Hotel manager Valentina was GOING THROUGH IT this week.

the White Lotus manager staring at her front desk girly from across reception like:

@abbzbutler 09:48 AM - 05 Dec 2022


isabella: “i said rocco because he’s my boyfriend…actually we’re engaged” valentina: #WhiteLotus

@kathleen_hanley 02:56 AM - 05 Dec 2022


Characters that hate Rocco #WhiteLotus

@mccarroll236 08:27 AM - 29 Nov 2022

27. But at least she got to have a little fun in the end!

one thing about white lotus hotel managers they will have gay sex on the premises

@mattxiv 06:03 PM - 05 Dec 2022

28. But Jennifer Coolidge's journey was both shocking and...aspirational? LOL.

Doing a Jennifer Coolidge and partying and doing dr*gs with a bunch of gays in an Italian palace is now my 2023 resolution

@colormejorge 05:49 AM - 05 Dec 2022

29. But as "the gay's" true intentions start to become clearer, fans are starting to get worried!

Me to everyone in Villa Pisano: #WhiteLotus

@ZachGilyard 03:19 AM - 05 Dec 2022

30. But let's not forget the events from Season 1...

Everyone rooting for Tanya to get out like you all don’t remember she broke my girl Belinda’s heart from S1. #WhiteLotus

@hayden_petty 04:31 AM - 05 Dec 2022

31. But this reveal really was the GAG! (Shoutout to all the people who were right about this theory .)

Tanya really saw a photo of her husband with the high-end british gay, calmly put the picture frame down, and then told the well-hung sex worker she was "nervous" THE WHITE LOTUS GIVES US SO MUCH EVERY WEEK

@hellolanemoore 03:50 AM - 05 Dec 2022


in my opinion, this should have been the picture tanya found of greg #WhiteLotus

@kathleen_hanley 03:39 AM - 05 Dec 2022


TANYA!! GREG is the straight cowboy he fell in love with!!! There is no queen of Sicily!! He’s trynna kill you aka “die for beauty” you rich fabulous baboon!!! #TheWhiteLotus #WhiteLotus

@zanaduxx 06:50 AM - 28 Nov 2022

34. Thank you for your service, White Lotus . May you never change.

Me at the end of every episode of #WhiteLotus

@kar__lee 03:20 AM - 28 Nov 2022

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