Brothers accused of swindling $7 million in coronavirus-related loans for some 70 fake businesses, all registered in Euclid
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Mz. Queen

Now only if the government and FBI would keep going by uncovering ALL the fraudulent businesses ppl claimed to have! Start going after the “little fish” that stole 10k, 20k etc so they can lock ppl up OR start garnishing paying checks, forfeiting food stamps, medical, SSID, Section 8 etc from them. Employers should be notified as well with the option of keeping the thieves as employees. Because they surely do not have businesses just regular working ppl working 40 hrs a week that STOLE PPP Loan money. Damn shame! Our government has trillion dollar or more deficit; make those who stole PPP loan and unemployment benefits pay back money they stole. We have to start somewhere what a better way to recoup; I want to believe our government is for the honest tax payer.


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