Sheriff’s Office gives update on human remains found in Scioto County, Ohio

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UPDATE (Dec. 6, 2022): The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office provided an updated description of the human remains found in Lucasville, Ohio, on Friday.

The Sheriff’s Office said a preliminary review estimates the remains were of a white woman between 30 and 50 years old.

The woman had no upper or bottom teeth, and they were recently removed, the Sheriff’s Office said.

She had an abnormal growth on her right scapula, possibly from a birth defect causing it to stick out differently than the left side, according to the Sheriff’s Office. This defect may not have been visible to others.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office said two of the woman’s right ribs were fused along the majority of the bone.

The review suggested the remains are less than two years old.

Scioto County detectives are working with other agencies and the coroner to identify the remains, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Anyone with information can contact Detective Sergeant Jodi Conkel at (740) 351-1091.

SCIOTO COUNTY, OH (WOWK) — Authorities are investigating after a hunter found human remains in Scioto County, Ohio.

According to Scioto County Sheriff David Thoroughman, deputies received a call around 10:33 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 2, 2022 from a hunter who found what he thought were human remains.

Deputies, detectives and the Scioto County Coroner responded, confirming the remains were human. Scioto County Coroner Darren Adams then contacted the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office to request assistance from an anthropology team.

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Mercyhurst Department of Applied Forensic Sciences from Erie, Pennsylvania, then sent an anthropologist as well as a crime scene reconstructionist from Precision Laser & Instrument Inc. to help with the investigation and to recover the remains, Thoroughman said.

According to the sheriff’s office, the remains were taken to a lab in Erie, PA for DNA and dental testing. Thoroughman says an official identification has not yet been confirmed, but they have confirmed the remains belong to a female.


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Thoroughman says three rings and a watch were also recovered from the scene where the remains were found.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information that could assist in the investigation is asked to contact the Detective Sergeant Jodi Conkel at 740-351-1091.

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please let people know something about who this person is as soon as possible, being from ohio I understand that law enforcement take things seriously but what really happens is that families are held in limbo for longer than they need to be


That poor soul! Whoever did it will answer for it one day.


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