NFL Flexes Commanders-Giants Week 15 Matchup to Sunday Night Football

The NFL flex schedule is great. Likely with a playoff spot on the line, the Commanders and Giants are now the prime-time game for Week 15. Sunday Night Football in a couple of weeks is going to look different than originally planned.

If you were hoping to watch the New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders in the top spot two weeks from now, tough luck. Those teams are getting booted to the mid-afternoon. Meanwhile, that 8:20 p.m. EST slot is going to go to the Commanders and Giants.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the flex this season. Steelers and Bengals were flexed earlier this season while the Broncos and Chiefs were flexed for this upcoming week. Adam Schefter of ESPN had the news on Twitter.

This time, a team is being flexed INTO a time slot and not out. While this will likely be a game with huge playoff implications, it just doesn’t feel that exciting. Perhaps that is because these two teams just played each other this Sunday.

The game was back and forth and ended with a disappointing tie. 20-20 was the final score as neither team was able to take advantage in the end. Both kickers missed one field goal on the day. If one of those had connected, we would have had a definitive winner between the Washington Commanders and New York Giants .

Commands-Giants Rivalry Means Something This Season

There are a few old-school rivalries that have found renewed purpose this season. Between the solid year that the Commanders, Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles have all had this season, it is worth watching when they face off. The NFC East is back! While the game this past Sunday was ultimately a tie, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t important.

The division as it stands right now begins and ends with the Eagles . Their 11-1 record makes them not only the top team in the division but in the entire league. Following close behind are the Cowboys at 9-3. That leaves us with the Commanders and Giants who are separated by one game.

If the Commanders didn’t have that extra loss on their schedule, then they would match the Giants’ 7-4-1 record. Which one of these teams is going to make the playoffs? Washington and New York will be buzzing during Week 15 in anticipation of this game.

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