21 Pictures Of Signs That 1000000% Have A Funny Story Behind Them


1. Whoever's working at this Popeyes has HAD IT.
u/LuckySniper0629 / Via

2. You can just see the scenes from previous years playing out at this bar.
u/abaganoush / Via

3. All I'm gonna say here is "same."
u/HappyJacket3113 / Via

4. Uh oh.
u/HappyJacket3113 / Via

5. How about for 30 seconds?
u/ohbuddywhy / Via

6. This is even sadder than that Hemingway baby shoes thing.
u/abaganoush / Via

7. Zeb looks a little too proud of himself.
u/R3tronic / Via

8. Stay strong, Abby.
u/Alphalarge / Via

9. I don't know how many lunches Keith had to lose before this sign went up, but it was too many.
u/Desperate_Ambrose / Via

10. *Evil laugh*.
u/tobyonekanobe58 / Via

11. "I don't know why everyone keeps asking. It says right there on the sign!"
u/TheGuvnor247 / Via

12. What I wouldn't give to have been in Room 2037 during the conversation that caused this sign to go up.
u/Vantablack_Lotus / Via

13. The story behind this sign could go a few ways, and I don't like any of them.
u/Wrong_Influence / Via

u/bunnycandyO / Via

15. The incident that led to this sign must have been a sticky one.
u/rjray / Via

16. Somehow I feel like the cameras won't be much of a deterrent.
u/deleted / Via

17. ..........Why?
u/BlackJesus36 / Via

18. There are thieves among us.
u/lyjdgy / Via

19. Hotel workers deserve raises. And hugs.
u/Straigear9681 / Via

20. Yeah, honestly this one is not surprising to me at all.
u/huseddit / Via

21. And finally... I hope this one is more metaphorical and not an actual representation of things people have thrown in the toilet.
u/lcbaron1985 / Via

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