Indiana man arrested for attempted murder of his mom after stabbing, strangling her


BATESVILLE, Ind. — An Indiana man who police say strangled and stabbed his mother multiple times has been arrested on multiple charges, including attempted murder.

Dalton Hall, a 22-year-old man from Bloomington, is currently being held in Ripley County Jail for his alleged role in the stabbing of Heather Mulcahy. His charges include:

  • Attempted murder, a level 1 felony,
  • Aggravated battery, a level 3 felony and
  • Strangulation, a level 6 felony.

The charges against Hall stem from a stabbing incident that occurred around 9 p.m. on Dec. 1 in Batesville, Indiana.

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Local police officers were called to the Golden Villa Apartment on W. Boehringer Street after a family member of Mulcahy asked for a welfare check. Mulcahy, Batesville Police said, is Hall’s mom.

Upon arrival, BPD officers said they found Mulcahy laying on her bedroom floor with stab wounds on her neck and upper body. Police also found a bloody knife on the foot of her bed.

While inside the apartment complex, officers saw Hall in the hallway area. Mulcahy was quickly given medical treatment at the scene, BPD said, and was later taken to a hospital trauma center in Indianapolis. Police did not provide an updated condition for Mulcahy.

While being treated at the Indy hospital, police said Mulcahy told EMS workers that she was stabbed and strangled by her son, Dalton Hall, multiple times.

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BPD officers began an investigation into the stabbing, tracking down Dalton Hall’s brother and Mulcahy’s other son Abraham. The brother, currently living in Hamilton, Ohio, told officers that Dalton had called him earlier asking where he could “get a good knife”.

A search warrant of the apartment that Mulcahy was found in was granted, and police collected physical evidence from the apartment and DNA from Dalton Hall.

Hall was taken into custody by BPD later that week. He is being held in county jail with a bond of $1 million cash and the Ripley County Prosecutor will determine appropriate charges.

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Willie Makit

He’s no man, a man doesn’t attack his Mother. Very Sad. Prayers for the Mother 🙏🙏🙏

Carolyn Renee Dunn-Williams

so unfortunate...people don't know what happened and instead of praying that the demon comes out of him, you crucify him! demons are lurking everywhere!

John Knoop

probably told him to put the controller down and look for a job


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