NFL fans crushed Russell Wilson after another brutal performance in ugly loss to Ravens

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

Russell Wilson’s nightmare of a season continued with another terrible performance in an ugly 10-9 loss to the Ravens on Sunday.

Oh, and this loss happened even though Baltimore was without Lamar Jackson for most of the game after he suffered a knee injury in the first quarter and didn’t return.

Wilson and the Broncos offense finished with just nine points for the third time this season, which is far from ideal. He finished with 189 yards passing and no interceptions, but he didn’t have any TD passes, which is also far from ideal considering how much money the Broncos are paying him to score points. He now has just 1 TD pass in his last three games.

It’s all so bad for Russ and the Broncos.

Oh, and then there’s this:

That might be the best storyline of the season.

It’s getting so bad for Russ that the Broncos didn’t use him in a pregame tweet:

Not great!

Fans crushed Wilson after Sunday’s loss.

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Jason Cummings

As a life long Broncos fan i have to say this falls on the coach and qb. The Broncos have the best dwfwnse in the league. held the ravens to 10pts and the Broncos still cant win. this isnt even the firat time this has happened this year. Russ is not seeing the field and guys are a lot of rhe time and hes not seeing them.

Patrick Martin

The Broncos need to fire the coach and bench Russell Wilson now. Dam I'm glad I'm a cheifs fan. It's so bad in bronco land I feel for the fans. To have a stellar Defense go to waste because of anemic offense is unforgivable.

Barb Mock

He needs to go and get checked out to see why he doing all this.I realize there is a lot of money involved, but something is wrong..


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