Hundreds of seniors receive Christmas gifts from volunteers

ABC 10 News KGTV
ABC 10 News KGTV

It’s the season of giving, and on Sunday, hundreds of seniors received a holiday surprise.

A nonprofit called Elderhelp partnered with UPS to deliver gifts to 350 seniors in San Diego. They dropped off poinsettias, $25 gift cards, and handwritten Christmas cards. Volunteers have been working since the summer to make it happen.

“Not just delivering the amenity, but also stopping and hand connecting and having a conversation with our seniors, so they feel connected," said Deborah Martin, CEO of Elderhelp. "Many of them don’t have family around this time of year, so our visit is especially critical."

This tradition came about 19 years ago from one UPS worker with an idea to help the older population during the holidays. Elderhelp says it makes a huge impact on these seniors. For many, this will be their only gift.

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Mary Lopez Collins

As a caregiver I see this a lot lonely seniors with families and alone so for a program like this to do this is wonderful it’s always good to see them smiling when they receive something so simple that brings a smile to there faces .. and to those families that have elderly parents grandparents please go visit them it a shame that they don’t visit them often


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