Football world reacts to shocking Jim Harbaugh NFL news

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After making last year’s College Football Playoff and notching the program’s first win over the rival Ohio State Buckeyes in a decade , Jim Harbaugh tried to leave the Michigan Wolverines for the NFL, interviewing with multiple teams across the league before ultimately returning to Michigan after those opportunities didn’t materialize. He then reworked his contract and said he would not pursue an NFL job –even though his buyout says otherwise . Despite all of that, it looks like he could be an option for NFL teams, after all.

According to a report from NFL insiders Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network, teams across the league are considering pursuing Jim Harbaugh to become their head coach.

“Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is once again drawing interest from NFL teams. And while Harbaugh has said the door is closed on a return to the pro game, some within the league believe he’d still consider the right opportunity,” Pelissero said in a Tweet on Sunday morning.

It would certainly be a wild turn of events, especially after Michigan beat the Buckeyes and returned to the College Football Playoff for a second straight season. And the football world had plenty to say about it.

Obviously, only Jim Harbaugh knows if he would ultimately take an NFL job if it were offered.

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He should stay where he is where he has it made, to give up his job with the Wolverines is foolish to go back to the NFL and given up a secure coaching job

Tim Sheppard

Jim is a fantastic coach. Of course they want him. He however made it clear that he has no interest. So please give it a rest.

Gerry McManus

Why is it always "Shocking News"? Why not "mildly entertaining" Or "So What News". I'm not shocked. I suggest you shock yourself.


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