Alabama didn't make the College Football Playoff and everyone laughed at Nick Saban

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

The College Football Playoff field is set and there is one big name missing from the four teams and it wasn’t really a surprise to anyone going into Sunday’s announcement – Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide.

Saban tried really hard over the last 24 hours to sell his team to the committee but those sales pitches didn’t work. Instead, Georgia will play Ohio State in the 1 vs. 4 matchup in Atlanta and Michigan will face TCU in 2 vs. matchup in Phoenix. Both games will take place on New Year’s Eve.

Again, this wasn’t much of a surprise because Alabama had two losses this season but college football fans still had a lot of fun laughing at Saban for falling short.

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Sean Gentry

As an Alabama fan, I will humbly say that we did not deserve to make the playoffs. A team with 2 losses should not be in the playoffs. We will reflect on this and improve next year. I am glad however that we are playing in the Sugar Bowl against Kansas State. This will be a great match up.

James Thrower

Alabama don't need to be in the Big game this year... but hes still laughing all the way to the bank... if anyone is laughing at Nick... it's because they're too stupid to understand that it's his job to try and lobby for his team to get the best game they can get... It's Nick Saban who's laughing at everyone else... Laughing in Championships and winning seasons...

Intuitive Autocrat

well it was a off year for Bama same as last year was. with the history on thier side 18 national championships. it not if they return. it's when. and It will not take long


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