Royal Expert Calls Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix Docuseries Trailer an Attempt to ‘Steal’ Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ‘Thunder’

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A royal expert is slamming Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries trailer , taking aim at both the content and the timing of the trailer.
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Expert says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix trailer is ‘everything we expected and worse’

During the Dec. 1 episode of Royally Us , royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti shared his initial reaction to the Harry & Meghan trailer . Sacerdoti touched on the timing of the trailer’s release, calling the Sussexes out for the way they hijacked publicity from Prince William and Kate during their US visit.

“When did the royal family become the Kardashians and who’s the driving force behind that because whoever it is I think it’s time she stops,” he said. “I have to say this trailer is everything we expected and worse.”

He added, “I think it shows just a high drama that Netflix and Meghan and Harry plan to make of this.”

Harry and Meghan ‘wanted to hijack’ Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tour publicity, expert says

Sacerdoti also discussed the deliberate timing of the trailer’s release. “And to drop it as they have on the first or second day of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ trip to the US for the Earthshot prize shows just exactly how much they wanted to hijack that publicity,” he explained.

The royal expert continued, “It just shows, I think, how much they will go to any end at all for as much publicity as possible.”

Sacerdoti noted, “They will jump on his own brother’s trip to promote these environmental prizes in order to steal that limelight and get more attention because really ultimately what it comes down to is the idea that they only get attention because of their association with the royal family.”

He added, “And they’re continuing to prove that in the way they’re promoting the Netflix program. This is really a punch to the royal family once again from the couple.”

When asked if the royal family is focused on the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary, Sacerdoti explained, “I think it’s pretty hard not to pay attention to this … I think you can’t ignore it. It’s a constant noise for them and it’s something that they’d like to go away.”

The expert also called out how the couple claims they want to maintain a private life but the trailer tells a different story. “I think that really the actual trailer itself also can put to bed any doubt anyone might have had about their claims to want less publicity,” Sacerdoti explained.

“I mean, in the opening seconds of this they’ve shared dozens of black and white photos sort of Instagram-style filtered private photos of themselves in love and I think it just makes a mockery of the idea that they wanted less attention,” he added.

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Expert calls the trailer ‘messy to watch’

Overall, Sacerdoti compared the release of the trailer to “a game of chess.”

He explained, “We have the Prince and Princess of Wales in the states for something that’s apparently a good cause. So what’s the next move on Meghan and Harry’s part? It’s to steal their thunder and steal their publicity and launch their own sort of tawdry Netflix series exploring their own private family photos and activities.”

According to the expert, he believes this will continue “until people finally get fed up a bit and stop watching them.”

Sacerdoti added, “It’s something of a shame for people who care about their personal relationship, the idea that they’re two brothers. I mean, this isn’t a nice way to behave with your brother. But of course, I supposed Harry says that he wasn’t treated nicely within the family either. It’s just messy to watch.”

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Sondra Johnson

Frankly, anything to do with Harry and Megan will be tasteless and without honest merit. The Wales are Grace personified, while the Sussex's seemingly are trying to be as slimy and petulant as they can be. It is resentment and jealousy and is building to a fairly universal disgust toward them.

Diane Hinkle

All I see is the paparazzi extending the constant Drama Charles and Diana brought to the Monarchs .Which in turn brought lots of Money.To the tabloids and the Monarchy.What a Shame people Want to see Diana's boy's pitted against each other.How Sad😔

Connie Simmons

She’s the new Yoko Ono .. great job breaking up the family! You married a Royal.. you knew what was involved.. didn’t like it? Don’t get involved!


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