Lindsay Lohan Hilariously Described The "Great Lengths" She Has To Go To In Order To Chat With Jamie Lee Curtis On The Phone


Lindsay Lohan explained the "great lengths" she has to go through to get her former onscreen mom, Jamie Lee Curtis , on the phone.
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Of course, Lindsay and JLC previously acted together in Freaky Friday — and they're even both down to do a reunion together, so have naturally kept in touch throughout the years.
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Still, that apparently doesn't make conversing with the scream queen any easier. "I don’t know why it is, but every time I email her...she does, like, this row of test questions I have to answer from something that had happened in the past from a movie set," Lindsay told OK!
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“I have to get the questions right or…she’s like, ‘Nope, not you, bye,'” Lindsay continued, saying that she found the odd ritual "so much fun." She added, "I’ve even sent her videos — I’m like, 'Hey it’s me' — to her Instagram account."

I like the insinuation here that Lindsay has gotten the answers wrong before.

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Funnily enough, back in October , JLC described asking Freaky Friday questions in response to potential messages from Lindsay as a perfectly standard way of verifying her identity. "I got a text from Lindsay last week, when I was in London," Jamie told New York Comic Con. "She said, 'Hi, Jamie, it's Linds.' I said, 'Prove it!'"
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As for the trivia she had asked that time, it was: "What was the name of the song that you and I were learning the rap to while we were stuck in the car all day doing the French fry scene?"
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The answer is the 2002 Justin Timberlake song "Like I Love You" — Specifically, the Clipse rap — should you be called to prove your identity as Lindsay anytime soon!

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