These are the red-light cameras in the city and county of Sacramento


SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Running a red light —any red light— is illegal and can lead to fines in the hundreds of dollars, and at 26 intersections in the Sacramento area, cameras are in place to catch drivers that do so.

The red-light cameras throughout the city and county are used to help police enforce traffic laws and automatically photograph vehicles and drivers who run red lights.

According to the city of Sacramento, more than 50% of the 4,000 accidents that occur in the city take place at traffic signals.

The city said that the red-light system is connected to each traffic signal and uses cameras and sensors in the pavement to detect when someone runs a red light.

The cameras are constantly monitoring traffic signals and the camera takes a photo as a car reaches the intersection and drives over the sensors “faster than a preset minimum speed and at a specified elapsed time after the signal has turned red.”

The city says that a second photo is then taken that shows the driver in the middle of the intersection.

The camera also records the date, time, time since the light turned red, and the vehicle’s speed.

After the photo is reviewed, tickets are then sent by mail to the vehicle’s owner as well as instructions on how to identify the driver who was in the vehicle at the time of the infraction.

According to the City of Sacramento , the following intersections within the city have red-light cameras:

  • Mack Road & La Mancha Way/Valley Hi Drive
  • El Camino Avenue & Evergreen Street
  • Howe Avenue & Fair Oaks Boulevard
  • Mack Road & Center Parkway
  • Exposition Boulevard & Ethan Way
  • Broadway & 21st Street
  • Folsom Boulevard & Howe Avenue/Power Inn Road
  • Arden Way & Challenge Way
  • 5th Street & I Street
  • 16th Street & W Street
  • Alhambra Boulevard & J Street

According to the City of Sacramento, all red-light cameras are managed by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

The Sheriff’s Department also shared a list of the red-light cameras at intersections in Sacramento County.

While this list was last updated in 2015, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with FOX40 News that the following intersections are accurate as of December 2022:

  • Watt Avenue & Fair Oaks Boulevard
  • Arden Way & Watt Avenue
  • El Camino Avenue & Eastern Avenue
  • Manzanita Avenue & Cypress Avenue
  • Madison Avenue & Sunrise Boulevard
  • Madison Avenue & Date Avenue
  • Elkhorn Boulevard & Don Julio Boulevard
  • Howe Avenue & Hurley Way
  • 47th Street & Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Florin Road & Franklin Boulevard
  • Florin Road & Lindale Drive
  • Florin Road & East Parkway
  • Mack Road & Valley Hi Drive
  • Mack Road & Center Parkway
  • Calvine Road & Highway 99
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