NBA Fans React To Draymond Green Quashing Lakers Trade Rumors

Draymond Green was linked with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he shut down all speculations that said he would suit up for the Purple and Gold.

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NBA fans shared their two cents after Draymond Green quashed rumors of him becoming a Laker.

Green's future with the Golden State Warriors was one of the major topics of discussion throughout the offseason. There was more spice added to the story after his locker room dustup with Jordan Poole .

In a recent interview with Andscape's Marc J. Spears , Green shot down the speculations that did the rounds, saying he never said that.

"People can say what they want. I'm also not really one to react much to what one may say. I react to things when I want to react to it. I don't react to things just because somebody said it."

And while that affirmed that his loyalty lies with the Warriors, much depends on how the front office looks at his contract.

At the time of writing, he remains under contract with the franchise for this season on a $25.8 million pay and has a $27.6 million player option next season.

NBA Fans React To Draymond Green Shutting Down Lakers Trade Rumors

The same interview also saw him add that it was business, and his primary focus was on winning.

It's not exactly been a humdinger season for the Warriors. They have been battling inconsistency throughout the edition , and for Green, it was all about looking at the task at hand.

"I do understand that this is a business. And ultimately, decisions have to be made. I have to make decisions, and you take them as they may. But for me, I'm focused on the season. I'm focused on winning. We let those things play out the way they're going to play out. Because one thing is for certain, is they play out with time, and time is going to continue to pass. And so, I focus on the present and what I can do right now for this team. All that stuff can happen when it happens."

His response, though, had fans in a tizzy. While some were happy to see him as a Warrior, some segments were worried about what the future would hold. There were also a few tweets that still hadn't forgiven Green for his altercation with Poole.

For now, all the focus for the Warriors will be on winning their eighth championship, and Green, who is averaging 8.9 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 7.1 assists, will look to do more and help Golden State defend their title.

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