Who Will Win ‘The Voice’ Season 22? After Watching Every Episode, Here Are Our Predictions

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The semifinalists for Season 22 of The Voice were revealed last Tuesday night with Blake Shelton and John Legend both finding themselves in the enviable position of having three team members remaining, while Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello each only have one.

The breakdown is as follows:

Team Blake


Brayden Lape

Bryce Leatherwood

Team Legend

Parijita Bastola

Omar Jose Cardona

Kim Cruse

Team Gwen

Justin Aaron

Team Camila

Morgan Myles

This is one of those years where it is looking as if one of the artists who should win the competition—either Bodie or Morgan Myles—will. But it is more likely to be Bodie, who has the added benefit of being a member of Team Blake, which carries with it the bonus halo effect that a lot of Blake’s fans automatically vote for someone on his team.

That puts Bodie in an excellent position to walk off with this year’s title, even if he isn’t a country artist. Blake has won before with an artist in a different genre.

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Then, there is the additional issue that Blake announced earlier this season that he will be leaving The Voice after season 23, and his fans want him to go out a winner. At this point in time, Blake has won The Voice eight times, and if he were to win this season and next, his total would be raised to the nice round number 10.

So, if country fans get behind The Cowboy, he could also win with one of his two country artists. Brayden or Bryce could pull a surprise victory out of the hats of the voters, especially Brayden, because if you look at America’s voting history on The Voice, they do love to support the young, up and coming artists, and Brayden is the youngest this year at 17. Not to mention, he has great hair.

Even Gwen thinks that Brayden has a shot. She recently told People, "Brayden, who I have loved since the moment he walked on stage ... The way he performs is very rare for someone so young. He's so relaxed. It's very natural. I think he's a threat in a way that we don't even understand yet, but America's starting to get it."

And John agreed: "How is it that he's this tall, this handsome, can play all the sports and can sing? It's not fair.”

But Brayden doesn’t really have the experience, in my opinion, to take The Voice title. His performances, while endearing, haven’t been on a level with Bodie, Morgan, Justin, and Parajita, who should be the final four, or even Oscar. But history has shown that a country artist on Blake’s team has an added advantage, so look for Bryce or Brayden to knock one of them out to make it into the finale, Dec. 12 and 13.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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