3 Hair Mistakes Women Over 50 Should Avoid At All Costs Because They Age You Instantly


Chances are you’ve probably changed your skincare routine up quite a few times over the years to deal with different issues you encounter along the way. Whether you’re faced with hormonal acne, dryness and lines, or dark spots, it’s not unusual to replace products and procedures with other products and procedures as you age so that you’re addressing your concerns in the moment. The same applies to hair, though we tend to think the same shampoos and coloring choices we make at 30 can take us through our fifties and beyond. As we age, our hair has different needs. It’s not uncommon to make these three hair mistakes that could be aging you without you even knowing it. Here are the mistakes and their simple solutions.

Poor Color Choices

No, you don’t have to run to the salon on the fiftieth birthday and be turned into a blonde. But, if looking more refreshed is your aim, Ben Clarkson, the co-founder of New Hairline, reminds us to avoid flat all-over dark color that can make you look older than you are.

“The color of your hair should complement your skin tone,’ Clarkson said. “If you have fair skin, jet black is not the best choice, and having more than one color to add depth and dimension is always a good idea. No matter what color your hair is, going up a shade or two will make you appear more youthful, but the placement of highlights is critical.”

To brighten your complexion, Clarkson suggests having your hairstylist frame your face. “Dark colors, in addition to making you look older, show gray or white roots much faster than a more subtle color,” Clarkson said. “I recommend layering the color with highlights or a semi-permanent color to achieve a more natural look than a solid line.”

Using the Wrong Shampoo

Your shampoo has an impact on your hairstyle, believe it or not, and it could be making you look older, Clarkson cautions. “Shampoos for normal hair types aren’t the best choice as you get older,” Clarkson said. “For beautiful hair, you must have the proper tools and products. Grey and aging hair has distinct characteristics that necessitate a weekly mask, color-protecting shampoo, thermal protectant, and increased effort in the fight against frizz.”

Tight Styles

Not only can overly right hairstyles weaken hair (which is a concern if your hair is thinning), but tightly pulled buns and ponytails tend to highlight any wrinkles or imperfections, Clarkson said. “It’s best to work with your hair stylist as you get older to find a haircut and style that frames your face and highlights your best features,” Clarkson said. “I also advise against pulled-back styles that appear too youthful, such as ponytails or mini side buns. These looks can be fun and playful for a 20-year-old if done in a striking or feminine way, but they can age a 50-year-old by being disconnected and not-age-appropriate.”

Your best hair cut, color, and style is always the one that makes you feel more like you. But if you have been wanting to experiment with something new, or feel like your current haircare routine isn’t making your hair shiny and healthy-looking, try following Clarkson’s tips to give your hair a new lease on life.

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Elizabeth Vesely

ponytails not age appropriate....and I did go platinum 😆😅🤣😄 your best cut and style and color are what you feel best wearing no matter your age. I'm still cute in a ponytail.


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