Chris Christie’s Niece Bit Deputies After Being Kicked Off Plane, Report Says

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Chris Christie’s niece bit, kicked, and spit on six deputies after she was kicked off a plane on Thanksgiving for asking passengers she thought to be Latino if they were “smuggling cocaine,” according to The Times-Picayune . Shannon Epstein refused to exit the Spirit Airlines flight at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, leading police to try and arrest her. That’s when she became “extremely combative,” according to Capt. Jason Rivarde, spokesperson for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. He told the Times-Picayune she bit one of the deputies in the arm, breaking their skin, as well as kicking one in the groin. Epstein shouted that they’d lose their jobs or end up in jail as she fought the deputies, bragging about her uncle being friends with former president Donald Trump, according to Rivarde. She was finally handcuffed to a wheelchair by seven deputies and taken to airport security, as she continued to yell and try to bite deputies, Rivarde said. Epstein was charged with six counts of battery on a police officer, three counts of disturbing the peace, one count of resisting arrest by force and one of remaining after forbidden. Her next court date is set for Jan. 23.

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Go figure 🤔, if anybody, was going to take a "bite" out of something, you'd think it would be Chris? 🤷


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