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The gentleman 2 family members came to the hospital I think after 1am yesterday (I may have the time wrong) showing me that flyer. I searched our system with the time frame they told me and could not find him, I tried to look under gwupatient (which is Doe,John found anything) I put in his real name it shows up but hospital visit back in 2013. I had them to leave the flyer and advised them to call the city 311 info line, and to give them all the info they new about his last seen. I kept looking at the photo on the flyer, stating to them that he look familiar. I told them 311 can tell them what ambulance may have picked him up and where he would have been taken. I don’t know if he was found at GW Hospital where I work, and I hope advising calling 311 helped, this is so wonderful that he was found and I pray that everything will be well with him. ❤️


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