Fentanyl-Laced "Painkillers" Marked With 'M' Linked To Fatal Maryland Overdoses: Police

Daily Voice
Daily Voice

Law enforcement officials in Maryland are cautioning the community to be aware of fentanyl-laced pills that have been making the rounds in the region, leading to at least a pair of fatal overdoses.

The Prince George's County Police Department issued an alert over the weekend about “blue-toned pills with a distinct ‘M’ emblem, which have been described as painkillers, but actually contain fentanyl.

According to the agency, detectives have launched an investigation and are recovering the suspect pills, several of which were tested and contained the dangerous controlled substance.

“These pills are linked to multiple suspected overdoses, including two fatal overdoses,” investigators said. “Toxicology tests are still pending on those cases but at this time, it is suspected that the victims died of fentanyl poisoning.

“The (Prince George’s County Police Department) urges all residents to avoid taking any medication not prescribed to them by a medical professional,” they continued. “We strongly encourage all parents and guardians to immediately talk to their children about this danger.”

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Okay. Why is anyone buying painkillers on the street? If your pain is legit get them from a doctor/hospital. Something is wrong with this picture. 😖


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