‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of Wendy Moniz’s ’90s Vibes’ Throwback: LOOK
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Wendy Moniz may be a very familiar face for fans of the Paramount neo-western drama series Yellowstone. In the hit series, Moniz portrays former Montana governor Lynelle Perry. However, Moniz has been in the acting industry for some time. And fans are loving a trip down memory lane with the actress as she posts a gorgeous throwback pic that is dripping with “90s vibes.”

The Instagram post features the longtime actress sporting a very 90s pixie haircut with fringe bangs. Her makeup and jewelry even reflect the styles of the times. Moniz is sporting some gorgeous earth-toned eyeshadow with lightly-hued lipstick. Her earrings have a long drop-down look accented with some beads at the top and bottom of the piece. It’s a style that was a major 90s favorite!

“Throwing it back to those 90’s vibes,” Wendy Moniz says in her Insta post. And the fans are just loving the throwback. In fact, one commenter notes, this pic takes them back to one of Moniz’s popular early roles portraying Dinah on the legendary soap opera Guiding Light.

“[Thinking] back to Guiding Light!” the fan comments on Moniz’s Instagram post.

“I thought you were so beautiful!” the fan adds. “those dimples!!!”

“Dinah!” another fan exclaims adding that Moniz’s Guiding Light was always their favorite on the soap.

Fans Are Loving Yellowstone’s Wendy Moniz’s Classic Look … Then And Now

Wendy Moniz’s throwback pic was a hit among her Insta followers. However, some fans note that the actress has only grown more beautiful over the years.

“More beautiful now,” notes one of the commenters. “Truly.” The commenter continues on to say that Moniz gives off a “more mature” vibe. “Kinda like a fine red wine!”

Another fan compares Wendy Moniz’s throwback look to one of Hollywood’s most beloved icons. The fan notes that with her sleek 90s pixie-style haircut Wendy Moniz is channeling the always glamourous Audrey Hepburn.

“Audrey H,” the fan comments. “you remind me of her.”

Muniz’s Lynelle Perry Is One of John Dutton’s Biggest Supporters

On Yellowstone, Wendy Moniz portrays Lynell Perry, the former governor of Montana. Perry is no longer holding the governorship of Montana anymore in the popular western drama with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton now in charge. Additionally, Moniz’s character has a longtime romantic connection with Costner’s John Dutton. The two remain close friends as well as important allies.

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