Kevin Durant calls out 'clown' Charles Barkley after being called 'insecure'

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

We’ve seen this before between Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley.

The Hall of Famer has always called out KD for winning a title with the Golden State Warriors but not getting a ring without Steph Curry and Co. And Durant, in turn, has taken to social media to respond. Then, Chuck comes back again.

This time, Barkley told Taylor Rooks that he thinks Durant “is insecure at times.” He brought up the forward reacting “to every fool” and “burner phones” (remember when that happened years ago?) to explain what he meant.

Durant later tweeted that Barkley is a “clown” and “we’ve never had a real human interaction.”

When someone tweeted that Durant’s response was exactly what Barkley was talking about, the forward replied, “I think it’s insecurity when u go on tv trying to take shots at my character as a man. But [expletive], I’m an ignorant jock, what do I know..”

Pretty sure Barkley will respond again, and we’ll get another back-and-forth. Again.

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Jason Williams

what's funny is...he reacted just like Charles said he would. it's bad when you prove the man right, with those same actions.


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