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Rosemary Manley

The REPUBLICANS only care about Power not whether a person is qualified for the position.... Walker would only be a YES MAN for the REPUBLICANS... remember Walker can't think for himself...the white man has been telling him what to do every since he was a little don't think they are not going to tell him how to VOTE...

All Falls Down

Herschel Walker claims to have 12 to 20 different mental disorder personalities. So which personalities are Republican, which ones live in Texas, which ones paid for abortions, which ones are absentee fathers, which ones beat up women, which ones can't put two sentences together correctly but graduated in the top 1% of their class at the University of Georgia, which ones are secret agents for the FBI, which ones are decorated war heroes without ever being in the military, which ones are breathing china's bad air, which ones are werewolves & if Walker wins, which one will be a Senator? 🤔

Benjamin Mishoe

Poor Hershel, a black man exploited by unscrupulous white men and women manipulating him financially, morally, spiritually and socially. Now, all the black women I know would never have put up with his trifling silly manure for a single minute and that mini Snicker or mini Hershey brain would have had a pot full of hot grits in the lap to take care of any need for future abortion issues. Men and women of all races need to educate their upper brain before enacting their lower one, unfortunately, Herschel functions only on the lower brain.


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