LASD academy classes involved in Whittier crash that injured 25 recruits resume training


Earlier this week, members of the two Los Angeles County Sheriff's academy classes who were struck by a driver in Whittier resumed their training.

Video from the department shows recruits being welcomed back to cheers by members of numerous agencies from across Southern California.

Captain Pat MacDonald, who leads the LASD Training Bureau, said the reception was overwhelming and very moving.

"Over the last week and a half, I've been getting emails and phone calls from numerous agencies. They wanted to set up a time where they can come and meet," he said. "They brought recruits from all over Southern California and they expressed their sincere sorrow and solidarity."

The video showed the recruits walking to the facility as supporters held balloons and a sign that read, "Welcome back, Class #464!"

"They've posted flowers and flags and posters outside of our gates here just showing that they're thinking about us and they're thinking about the recruits," said MacDonald.

Three recruits remain hospitalized from the Nov. 16 crash.

A driver struck the recruits while they were out on a training run. The driver who hit them claims he fell asleep at the wheel.

Authorities have said they believe the crash was intentional.

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Just sayin!

My question is, why aren't they giving an update on the case. I mean, there's still 3 cadets seriously injured in the hospital. If they believe it was intentional, why is the guy out on the streets? Is this gonna be swept under the carpet and pretend it didn't happen.?


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