City of Tucson seeks family of roadside memorial at 25th and Beverly

KGUN 9 Tucson News
KGUN 9 Tucson News

UPDATE: 12/06

Tucson DTM has shared that they have been in touch with the surviving members of the family to make arrangements with the memorial.

"Thank you all for your help. Thanks to you, we have made contact with surviving family members of Kevin and discussed the memorial," the department shared.


Do you know whose roadside memorial this is? Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility

The Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM) is looking for the family who maintains the memorial dedicated to Kevin near east 25th Street near South Beverly Avenue.

They say Tucson Water has planned work in the area, and DTM is looking to temporarily remove the memorial prior to the work.

Contact information for DTM:

DTM has also posted this notice on Twitter and Facebook , where you can reply directly.

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A memorial is a memorial. They can reinstall it after construction. Have a heart , heartless people.

cynthia Rayford

All the authorities have to do is look for records who was killed there.


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